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National Trust Vandalism

Ian Campbell | 17.04.2015 19:41 | Ecology | History | Wales

Freshwater West

During the Enclosures John Campbell in 1798 carried out a drainage scheme which maintained a stable storm beach thriving agricultureand what became CalcareousWater Meadow later an SSSI
This was awarded The Royal Society of Arts Gold Medal for Agriculture 1800
To allow filming the National Trust demolished part of the Grade 2 Listed Structure to earn£3.5 million
This has degraded the SSSI it is proposed to replace the culvert which was a massive structure with a 600 mm plastic pipre and ifthis fails abandon the structure,
An example of the governments change of priorities, the Nature Conservancy and other related government bodies have been amalgamated as Natural Resources Wales whose priority is to exploit Wales for commercial purposes the duty to safeguard the Environment no longer exists.

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