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April The 12th, Solidarity From Brighton With The Anarchists Imprisoned In Spain

FreeAnarchists!!! | 15.04.2015 16:59 | Repression | World

From Brighton, solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in Spain.


Last Sunday the 12th of April about forty people took part in a protest in Brighton against the repression in Spain. The action was an answer to the recent police action “Operación Piñata”, a massive and noisy raid against the Anarchist Movement in Spain. Now five people are in preventive imprisonment under solitary confinement. From six in the evening people met at the Clock Tower, in the town centre, displaying banners, giving out leaflets and explaining to the public about the repression in Spain and the conditions of our comrades. Slogans against the repression and against police and prisons were heard (some of them in Spanish).

After half an hour activists decided to block the road for a few minutes, walking to Churchill Square, where a communicate was read in front of the Santander Bank and O2 (Telefónica), two of the biggest Spanish corporations. Then the group made its way back to the Clock Tower where the action concluded.

In the demonstration there were a large number of Spanish people living in Brighton and comrades from different social movements of the city. Solidarity was shown from groups such as Brighton-SolFed, Brighton Antifascists and Brighton Anarchist Black Cross.

This action has been organized by a group of activists worried about the situation in Spain. While living conditions are getting worse the ruling class is answering with criminalisation of the fighters. International solidarity is particularly important now. It must be shown that we are not scared, that we are very angry and that our comrades are not alone. Solidarity will go on.

Spain Stinks like a Police State!

Free anarchists arresteds!



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Nice one

16.04.2015 06:07

Well done guys.



22.04.2015 04:02

Move on people, the anarchist cult ended long ago. Political people are more educated and refined now, anarchism has been found wanting and bypassed.



03.05.2015 16:23

Your message is being heard and we hope you appreciate the solidarity xx

International Solidarity