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Yorkshire Ripper Cover-up / Never Ending Story

Peter Newman | 15.04.2015 15:27 | Analysis | Policing | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

Ever since Peter Sutcliffe's trial, he has received much more publicity in the British media than any other serial killer. Why?


There are numerous notorious serial killers in British jails. Yet Peter Sutcliffe gets mentioned in the media and in those dreadful *fake* TV documentaries much more often than the others. Why?

Well, every time he is mentioned, with the title 'The Yorkshire Ripper' appended to his name, this enhances the subliminal brainwash: "Peter Sutcliffe is the Yorkshire Ripper."

That latest 'story' ... where does that come from? It could be a total fabrication with the sole purpose of enhancing the subliminal brainwash.

It doesn't matter if Peter Sutcliffe is moved somehwere in his present state of health.
All that matters to the West Yorkshire Police, the stooges associated with Margaret Thatcher, and the other stooges employed to buttress up the Peter Sutcliffe myth.... all that matters to them is to monitor him all the time and make sure he sticks to the script.



Noel O'Gara, Ireland:

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Peter Newman