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Cardiff Animal Rights – Join the Struggle!

(A) | 14.04.2015 11:17 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Wales

Join the struggle!

Cardiff Animal Rights has been very buysy recently. To join them in the struggle against animal abuse, join one of their regular demonstartions.

Weekly Fur Demos at Cardiff St Mary Street Market

Every Saturday afternoon Cardiff Animal Rights will be at the vintage market in St Mary Street. There there are several stallholders peddling fur there. Please do join us and let them know it’s time for a fur-free Cardiff.

Circus Mondado, Sully

Circus Monado are one of a dying breed of circuses that still continue to abuse animals in their acts, including a zebra, camels, horses and goats… Cardiff Animal Rights will be protesting against them every day untill they leave at Sully Sports (Caboot Field). We meet at Sully Sports Club at 16:00, Showings on the weekend vary.

As there will be a gap of about 90 minutes between the two shows the option to enjoy time at the nearby beach is going to be there so bring vegan picnic food.

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