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Mayday! Reclaim the Beats!! - Join the Fuck Parade!

ClassWar | 11.04.2015 17:33 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | World

Fuck the Poor Doors, fuck social segregation, fuck Taylor McWilliams, fuck Redrow, fuck the City, fuck luxury flats, fuck the 1%, fuck royalty, fuck the upper class, fuck upper class raves, fuck yuppies it's not the fucking 80s, fuck hipsters, fuck paying to party, fuck £5 a pint, fuck capitalism, fuck racism, fuck borders, fuck Theresa May, fuck the criminal justice act, fuck homophobia, fuck transphobia, fuck patriarchy, fuck fascists, fuck the police, fuck G4S, fuck bailiffs, fuck UKIP, fuck Nigel fucking Farage, fuck his toady face, fuck bourgeois parliamentarianism, fuck the tories, fuck the Liberals, fuck Labour, fuck the DWP, fuck IDS, fuck sanctions, fuck ATOS, fuck MI5, fuck surveillance, fuck GCHQ, fuck the arms industry, fuck environmental destruction, fuck big oil, fuck cars, fuck animal exploitation, fuck the rich, fuck bankers, fuck bosses, fuck landlords, fuck public schools, fuck Oxbridge, fuck the Bullingdon Boys, fuck Boris.................Fuck them all

Mayday rarely falls on a Friday. Let's make the most of it with an epic street party, after work, outside the Poor Doors One Commercial Street
Disgusted with austerity Britain?
Unable to stomach another Tory government?
In need of some of that 'oneness'?
Let's fucking have it : )