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Bristol March for Housing Saturday 11 April

Ben Richie | 07.04.2015 16:46

Bristol Housing Action Movement, a squat group established in the mid-80s, has called a March for Housing at 2pm Saturday 11 April from the Bearpit to College Green in Bristol. It's going to be the biggest demo in Bristol this year and a great start to the summer.

Bristol Housing Action Movement (BHAM) is organising a March for Housing across central Bristol on 11 April 2015 to demand urgent action on a range of local and national housing issues.

BHAM is Bristol's long running squatting group. BHAM has been continuously active in the city since being established in the 1980s. The group has substantial political and cultural influence in the city.

BHAM is working with a number of other community groups, political organisations and individual activists to organise the March. The aim is to enable the whole community to express their views on the urgent housing problems ordinary people living in our city face.

The March will start at the Bear Pit at 2pm on Saturday 11th April. The Bear Pit is a large pedestrianised roundabout at the southern end of Stokes Croft. It is an area widely associated with street homelessness and squatting.

The March will attract upwards of 1,000 people and feature a mobile soundsystem. It will be a lively, noisy and family-friendly demonstration through the city centre.

The March will end at College Green at 4pm. Their will be a rally with local speakers from BHAM, Left Unity, the Green Party and similar organisations.

Street homelessness is exploding in Bristol city centre and the outlying suburbs. Soaring rents are forcing private tenants to cram in together or face homelessness. Vulnerable people are being referred to slum landlords by organisations funded by the Council. This cannot continue.

Soundsystems are confirmed, flyposters are up everywhere, the route's being negotiated with the police - it's all go go go.

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Paying much tax to finance housebuilding, are we?

09.04.2015 06:30


Hypocrisy watch

Housing finance

10.04.2015 11:23

Historically (post-WW1 and post WW2) large scale social housing construction programmes have been financed by government borrowing and the debt then serviced out of the rental income.

This model works well and you'll note does not involve taxpayer's money.

I'll concede the post-WW1 Addison Act housebuilding programme did involve a limited amount of money from local ratepayers - "limited to the product of a penny rate" - but the majority was central government borrowing.

I know my shit.


How about having a homeless demonstration in central London?

11.04.2015 12:17

How about having a homeless demonstration in central London? As London has got the highest number of homeless people in the entire county.

Homeless activist

Re - "I know my shit."

22.04.2015 12:45

So your plan is to increase the already massive debt burden on future generations by raising even more debt to finance house building ? Take a look at the real housing situation in this country, there is no shortage of housing, just a shortage in areas where people demand to live. The answer lays in spreading the population into areas where there is existing housing laying empty.

I would suggest you 'don't know shit'