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Runnymede needs You! Eviction Resistance ॐ

Rob and Jedi | 06.04.2015 19:36 | Occupy Everywhere | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | World

To one & all, an invitation and call out to activists and lovely people across the gamma for talks and discussion on thoughts feelings and strategy leading up to the court hearing on the 9th of April at the County Court at Guildford. We would like to invite anybody with experience or advice in our situation to join us in solidarity with our views for freedom, justice and equality for all.
All species and subspecies alike.

We are approaching our court hearing on Thursday. We would like to open our space around the fire for discussions all week. We want to defend our homes and community in the most peaceful, artistic and creative ways possible. Free refreshments, food and accommodation available upon request but please bring provisions, sleeping bags and tents where possible.

Recent articles about Runnymede and the coming eviction;

Our Facebook page:


Drivers and people with transport
Legal Advisor's
Legal Observers
First Aiders
Artists, Musicians Poets
Media Hypers, Documenters, Bloggers, Trolls and bridge builders, Creative types, and general peaceful rebel antics!
& anything you fell may be of use to us at this time.

Rob and Jedi
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To Rob and Jedi First off best of luck and the best wishes.

06.04.2015 22:45

To Rob and Jedi
First off best of luck
and the best wishes.
Our Movement can’t physically be at Guildford but we certainly support you all the way.
Here is what we can offer:
We, the MDCEEL are the Movement defending the Community ion the East End of London.
We have over 100 constituent campaigns, actions, programmes, projects and action initiatives ongoing
at all the times.
We have a series of High Court actions of our own coming up.
They haven’t been formally commenced as at this time but are in process.
The simplest reason is that the courts’ procedural time start running and then runs out once you file a formal claim.
There are other factors all to do with the formalities side of the English courts and legal process as well.
We shall detail some that are relevant to you in the message we shall send you (see more below)
We have loads of experience on County courts, the ministry of justice, the bar council members, the inns of court and solicitors.
Our comment/advice this stage to you is
DO NOT let ANY of the professional guises, labels,m tags or titles fool you
into believing that they will uphold your rights at all.
YOU alone will uphold your rights and you shall do so by sticking to what you value and hold dearest.
Defend your community with the maximum courage and determination.
There is no such thing as “professional” superiority to the so-called “layman” or laywoman”.
This covers every single sphere.
What you have worked so hard \to build you must never ever give up.
Tell the truth always and stick to the truth and all the liars will be exposed in the end.
We shall end you direct m,messages as well before the actual Court day.
Best wishes
Best of luck
with the most determined backing for you and your other supporters
With warmest wishes and the most sincere solidarity and blessings
Movement Defending the Community in the East End of London
2244 GMT
Bank Holiday Monday
06 April 2015


Any success on Thursday?

10.04.2015 09:33

Would like an update from you on your campaign.
Good luck once more.