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Yorkley Court Community Farm needs Solidarity Thursday March 26th!

Triple X's | 24.03.2015 14:31 | Ecology | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

CALLOUT FOR A SHOW OF SUPPORT ON THURSDAY 26th 9:30 am - spread the word!

Call out poster
Call out poster


Tending the land
Tending the land

The date we have been given for when county court bailiffs will come to evict the farm is

Thursday 26th March at 10am

We believe it is unlikely that they will actually try to evict on this day, but we expect they will at least show up.

It would be great if lots of people are outside the gate when they come, to show them how much support there is for the community farm.

Lets stand together to tell this property developer that he can't profit at the expense of the local community.

Gather at 9:30 outside the gate with the tower.

Bring friends, banners, things to make music and noise.

We will provide tea and coffee, bring snacks to share.

Please spread the word, and hope to see you there!



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Contact details and location

24.03.2015 14:40

Phone: 07522025889

Address: Yorkley Court Community Farm, Yorkley, GL15 4TZ


Triple X's


25.03.2015 09:59

If you can't make it down but want to support the resistance, please contribute via the crowdfunding page here:

£2500 are now needed for legal fees. Thank you to everyone that has donated so far.

Reclaim the Fields
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Update 26/03/15

26.03.2015 16:34

"So far so good: an update on the last few hours..

Some bailiffs arrived this morning as promised.. they hung around a bit and then trundled around the edge of the part of the farm we are occupying, accompanied by police and trailed by some of our fantastic team of legal observers. They were unable to gain access anywhere, presumably got a bit bored and eventually left.

A HUGE thank you to all who came down to show support! And to all those who have shown solidarity in a multitude of different ways.. in times like these it makes us feel strong knowing there are so many awesome folk out there. Big love!

All quiet for now, but surely not the last we have seen of bailiffs..
As ever we welcome people coming down. "

Pictures from the Gloucester Citizen

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