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come and fight for access to land!

yorkley court comunity farm | 21.03.2015 11:14 | Occupy Everywhere | Ecology | Social Struggles

call out for support!

Support needed at Yorkley Court Community Farm. Community before profit!

We have been given a date when county court bailiffs will come to evict us, which is

Thursday 26th March at 10am

Whether or not they actually try to evict us on this day, we expect that they will at least show up. It would be good to have a lot of people here to show a large force of resistance.

Yorkley Court is a sustainable farm in the Forest of Dean where for the last three years we have been living and working to turn a neglected piece of land into a community farm, with activities open to local people. At the same were also trying to stop a land grab that was in progress. But this project is now under threat. A few months ago, a millionaire property developer "bought" the land under questionable circumstances, was granted a possession order through the courts, and now wants to evict us from the land.

We have already beaten an eviction attempt by this property developer once, with your help we can see him off again!

We're inviting any interested people to come occupy the land with us. Come live in the woods, build awesome treehouses, participate in skill-shares, learn about sustainable living, resist eviction, and join us in fighting for access to land.

Updates are regularly going up on our website ( which also gives details of how to find us, and on our Facebook page (

In the case of eviction, there are a variety of roles that people can take on, both on and off site, including support roles such as cooks, legal observers, medics and arrestee support.

As well as people on the ground for practical solidarity, monetary donations and resources (such us building materials, food and so on) are much appreciated.

We are here, we are determined and we will not leave quietly.

site address - Yorkley, GL15 4TZ
email -
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site phone number - 07522 025 889
twitter - @yorkleycourt

yorkley court comunity farm
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