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Why is Liverpool City Council *not* registering voters?

Emily Davison | 16.03.2015 17:19 | Repression | Liverpool

It could be incompetence it could be bloodymindedness but why is Liverpool City Council failing to register voters despite repeated attempts to register being made by people.

it really does not matter if you are a vote refuser. it really does not matter if you think that no matter who you vote for the government gets in. something is going wrong in liverpool council and it is leaving lots of people off the register.

when you try to register through the electoral commission you get asked for a national insurance number and an address. when you do this you should get communication by mail to confirm or reject the registration. it is dependnent on nothing but age and being from somewhere in britain. the council officers are there to do a job. not make decisions. seems liverpool council are having a problem registering people if they happen to be in some parts of the city.

say you come from around sefton park meadows. you would be entitled to vote in the general election. but also in the local elections where you could be part of a move to get rid of councillors who displease you. Its not going to happen. It seems that council officers have determined which councillors can stay and which can go. its not about joe anymore. its about unelected council officers deciding for their own reasons if you are allowed to vote.

vote refuse all you want. but you have to be involved to justify not putting your crosses down. which means asking why the council has a problem registering voters.

Emily Davison


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