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London: Blockupy the Banks on Weds #18M

anti-capitalista | 16.03.2015 15:29 | Occupy Everywhere

On the day Osborne delivers yet another austerity budget and EU elites gather in Frankfurt for the opening of a new ECB building, we will let the City of London know that we have not forgotten who got us into this mess!

Meet 2pm at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral 18 March.

See for actions in Frankfurt – follow #blockupy #18M

Seven years after the financial meltdown, the 1% are richer than ever. For the rest of us, the crisis is far from over: we keep paying the bank bail-outs with cuts in our healthcare, education and social care. While asset bubbles and top earners’ rising wages create the illusion of recovery, most of us have part-time jobs with stagnant wages at best.

Contrary to what politicians and media would have us believe, unemployment is not the fault of immigrants. Banks and financial institutions based in London have a long history of reckless lending that has devastated economies and societies across the globe – famously; Goldman Sachs fiddled Greece into the Eurozone that is now causing a humanitarian disaster in the country.

On 18 March, George Osborne delivers his fifth austerity budget that drives Britain even deeper into poverty. The same day, European elites will gather in Frankfurt to celebrate a flashy new headquarters of the undemocratic European Central Bank. They will be met by blockades by thousands of activists all over Europe – in London, we will connect the dots between austerity at home and in Europe by paying a visit to the square mile that caused the crisis in the first place.

Join us!

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