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The Fourth Reich : wishes and reality

Josef Hashever | 16.03.2015 11:23 | World

Publications of provoking articles and docs concerned American, and British, and Soviet politicians’ involvement into the Third Reich activity are traditional in advance of the regular anniversary of the End of the World War II. It also has become mainstream making comparison between Hitler’s plans towards European unification and the modern European Union.

On February 26, 2008 at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament a British journalist and an accomplished political and economic commentator Rodney Atkinson ranted out a 40-minute phillipic about ’The Nazis and Fascists who founded the European Union and their influence today.’

On January, 2014 a scandalous book ’The EU : The truth about the Fourth Reich : How Adolf Hitler won the Second World War’ by Daniel J. Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini was published. And on April, 2014 British observer Owen Bennett wrote a review in the Express : -proves-Germany-WON-the-Second-World-War-claims-new-book
This book has been pointedly included into German black book for it claims Germany is the only country which benefits from the EU. Also it argues that Hitler invented the phrase United States of Europe, that Goering was the author of the name European Economic Community, that the idea of the euro and the free market belongs to Funk and that the early version of The Treaty of Rome was published by Reinhard Heydrich, one of the main architects of the Holocaust.

In addition, each year we have the uncertain pleasure to see a large amount of non-well-meant caricatures of all kinds under the worn-down name of ’Merkel-Hitler’. First those were mainly Spanish-language sources. But now the entire Internet is overrun with them.

As a final chord it should be mentioned the book ‘The Godmother’ (‘Die Patin’) by Gertrude Höhler. In this book a confidante of the former Chancellor Helmut Köhl accuses Angela Merkel of the tacit reorganizing of the system of state to obtain her autocratic power and to become the “Queen of Europe” :

However to raise such ire among her party associates great pains should be taken. It seems that “Grandpa” Adolf’s fame has been keeping frau Merkel awake at nights. So that she’s been fuels those speculations on the sly. And her political block has been accused of stirring xenophobia and hatred towards immigrants. At this point the chairman of the Left Party Bernd Riexinger asserted : “as mainstream political parties start to make racism socially acceptable, violent right-wing gangs feel encouraged.”

At any rate, where there is smoke, must be fire. All those allusions didn’t emerge out of thin air. Indeed the history of European Union starts with consolidation of coal and steel industries of France and West Germany together with Italy and the Benelux joined the association in 1951. Then The Treaty of Rome was signed which led to the founding of EEC (the idea formulated by notorious Walther Funk, “The Banker of Gold Teeth” and gold finger rings stolen from death camps victims and melted down to bullions of “Nazi Gold”). At the same time the boost of the West German industrial sector started. During 1950-1966 it amounted to 9.2% and was called “an economic miracle.” And it is quite clear who became unwitting sponsor of that “miracle.”

Yet, neither well prepared base, nor aspiring ambitions would make Merkel the “Queen of Europe.” For reaching the Fuhrer’s level she has to gain much more charisma, to stop bringing grist to the American mill and cut off the strings outstretched from the State Department and the White House real puppeteers. Those last ones are decent successors of the Third Reich. It is no wonder that Europeans make a laughing-stock of anyone telling them that they back up and support the dream of Hitler. This happens because no one feels as if he were living as a chosen nation would. Europeans have been living more like in a ghetto within the Fourth Reich. They are allowed to exist peacefully in exchange of support for NATO military operations, the Arab Spring, Ukrainian Titanic and loss-making economic sanctions against any country the true Führer’s black finger would point at.

Josef Hashever