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Edinburgh Record Label Supports BF and the EDL @edlnews @exposingbf @slatedl

Antifascist Band Fan | 12.03.2015 16:30 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | Liverpool | Sheffield

Local Edinburgh indie rock band the Garempots, the Pop At You Band, and their own in-house record label Pop At You Records, are open supporters of the EDL and Britain First, despite being based in Scotland. They also represent other bands - the Baby Wakers and the "Phsycadelic" camels, and use their official twitter account @garempot to incite hatred against Muslims.

A local band / record label in Edinburgh, the Garempots / Pop At You Band / Pop At You Records, are vile racists who spew toxic hatred towards Muslims on social media. Despite being Scottish, they are openly EDL and Britain First supporters, using their official twitter feed to post EDL videos, and Islamophobic hatred.

You don't get many musicians who play at mainstream venues and openly support organised fascism and racism these days outside of the white power music scene, but this is a vile exception.

Apparently the Garempots are hoping to get on next year's X Factor, so they can peddle their fascist beliefs to a wider audience.

Please help let venues throughout Scotland and the UK aware of the band and record label, so their acts do not perform in public.

Antifascist Band Fan


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