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Noise demonstration Harmondsworth IRC yesterday.

No Borderer | 08.03.2015 18:49 | Migration

Report from yesterdays noise demonstration at Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres.

Solidarity with all those detained in Harmondsworth, Colnbrook and all other detention centres.

Yesterday, 7th March, a small group of people visited Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centre to show solidarity with all those detained in the prisons.

For two hours people made noise and rattled the fences back and forth to people detained. Some people held in Colnbrook came out into the courtyard and were shouting ‘freedom’ and ‘let us out’. Others in Harmondsworth were banging on the windows and holding up signs saying ‘release us’ and ‘help’.

Over 30 people called the outside phone (the number was on a banner held up outside) expressing their anger towards their detention. One text message came from the people detained saying: 'We saw what happened today and we really want to say a huge thank you for your support. We the detainees … need your help and support.’

Co-incidentally a small delegation, including Keith Vaz, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee were visiting the centre at the same time to ‘look at the conditions’. People from the group followed the delegation as they walked between the two centres shouting ‘home office racist scum’ and ‘detention staff complicit in murders’.

This visit from Vaz comes in the wake of the recent undercover reports revealed by those detained, Corporate Watch and Channel 4 this week. For many the reports and revelations this week, whilst shocking, come as no surprise.

This is the reality of people who are imprisoned by the government every day. People’s lives continue to be occupied by the state. More and more racist controls are imposed on people coming to live in the UK - on the street and in the detention estate.

People in detention have been reporting the abuses, racism and exploitation they face from detention staff and the centres for years. Each day people tell of their fear and anger. Over 20 people have been killed in the UK detention system alone and this figure does not include all the people killed in prisons or by the police.

People migrating are organising themselves all over Europe and we are in solidarity with those who organise against the Fortress Europe.

This week women detained in Yarlswood detention centre occupied the yard and protested for two nights running.

Tonight people have begun a protest in Harmondsworth detention centre, reportedly 200 people (more info and demands to be released soon)

Expect more resistance. Borders Kill. We do not forget.

For this weeks reports see:

*Recent report on Harmondsworth by Corporate Watch: ‘Its gonna break: life in the UK’s biggest detention centre’

* Undercover report on Yarlswood detention centre by Channel 4

No Borderer