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Smash EDO response to supreme court ruling on surveillance

Smasher | 04.03.2015 21:26 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Policing | South Coast

This morning John Catt lost his case in the supreme court to have his details removed from the 'domestic extremist' database. Smash EDO have issued the following statement in response to the verdict. For more info see Network for Police Monitoring's analysis here: and for mainstream coverage.

'Smash EDO support John Catt's fight for justice in his long running battle against the British surveillance state. We express solidarity with his ongoing legal case despite today's ruling against him in the UK Supreme Court.

Concerning the judgement handed down today we take this opportunity once again to protest against the misrepresentations made in this case by the Metropolitan Police, namely that campaigners have engaged in violent activities while protesting against the presence of EDO MBM in Brighton.

Firstly nothing that any protester has ever done bears comparison with the violence assisted by EDO MBM's supply of weapons systems to human rights abusing regimes around the world.

Secondly it is in reality the police themselves who have been found judicially liable of more violent assaults on protesters than vice versa over the years.

Sussex Police civil action payouts for assault, false imprisonment, unlawful arrest and breaches of Smash EDO protesters human rights have indeed helped fund the campaign on many occasions.

Meanwhile no employee or director of EDO MBM has been physically harmed in relation to any Smash EDO protest.

These bare allegations presented as facts by the police are designed to undermine John Catt's legitimate fight for justice in a case which will have bearing on the rights of us all.

While the British legal system at its highest level seeks to reduce our fundamental rights, we hope John Catt will secure a more just outcome in the European Court.'

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