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American TV Networks Promote War, Toxic Food, Deforestation

Arboreal Foods | 24.01.2015 15:04 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Health | London | World

Even public television and radio have been corrupted in the US. National Public Radio owns 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock.

NBC And PBS Pushers Of War, Toxic Meat And Dairy, Deforestation


Has the tv network NBC made 100 billion dollars since its inception advertising fast food and other mammal, bird and fish flesh? Is that why in its newly inaugurated 'Healthy Living' segment its employee Joy Bauer never suggests doing without meat, fish or dairy?

Every major network is profiteering from the promotion of animal flesh which causes heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes, cancer, arthritis, food poisoning etc. Why is it that one can't advertise cigarettes on tv but can advertise the animal products which account for half of the world's deaths annually, more than traffic deaths, other accidents, smoking combined?

There is no corrupt financial connection to the group Physicians' Committee For Responsible Medicine, several thousand vegan physicians and many other health professionals.


The Public Broadcasting System's PBS Kids produces a children's show called Odd Squad, partly funded by the US Department of Education. One of the first splashes on the screen was a picture of a plate one of the actors had for dinner last night, prominently including animal flesh. With subliminal advertising, Odd Squad makes Saturday bologna day, pushing trash meat which contains red food coloring to hide its gray, correlated to children's leukemia and like meat consumption in general correlated to obesity, while Thursday is supposed to be cheese day (cheeses containing female hormones given to captive cows, hormones which create chidlren's early sexual development).

In one segment aired January 22nd, there were perhaps 20 references to eggs, including a song praising them, an egg mobile, and copious product placements for them perhaps from the American Egg Board. What Odd Squad did not cover was that each egg is 32 hours of confinement in a 3 ft by 1 ft cage with 8 other chickens, that eggs have an average 250 to 300 mg of artery clogging animal fat each, that each egg represents 120 gallons of production water, the pollution of streams with salmonella, several kinds of food poisoning.

In addition, the show encourages children to abuse others verbally and to boss others around through the person of a Miss O.


In this poster's memory, the only pinata she's ever seen made to resemble an animal was on the cartoon show Curious George. George is encouraged to smash a pinata looking like a bull. There have been several victories against bullfighting in Spain, but still in many Latino countries bulls are impaled by crowds shrieking for ears and tails. Teaching children to smash items resembling animals is a form of violence.

In a segment called "Howie The Hog", the producers of Curious George promote 4H Club contests. 4H encourages children to adopt, raise, and feed a slave animal, and then submit him or her for slaughter. Depression and mental illness can result in chldren who do not want to butcher their beloved pets. In addition, Curious George producers promote farm animal slavery in general.

Animal slavery items such as eggs and milk are used to teach numbers and measurements.


The Kratt brothers came halfway.... featuring a fishing contest in which only catch and release were permitted. But why rip hooks out of a suffocating fish's throat or eyes or gills just for a human ego contest?

Frequently the Kratt Brothers drive over fragile grasslands in their SUV. This kills groundnesting birds, frogs, snakes, insects etc.


6 references to cheese in 1 morning, perhaps from a Wisconsin state dairy promotion agency.


In a Jan 23rd airing, there were at least 6 references to carcinogenic, artery clogging, animal torturing red meat (meatballs and steak).


Years ago, Ralph Nader was one of those publicizing PBS' promotion of toxic animal and other junk foods on Sesame Street.

MR ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD Before his death, the universally revered and loved Fred Rogers kept his show from being a running commercial for animal slaughter products.


PBS has quilting, cooking and other shows, but where are the shows on how to arrange a peace vigil and bring press, how to organize a boycott, how to build a coalition? Where are PBS shows on how citizens can take back our power?

WGBH, Boston affiliate, has for years promoted war with its 4pm news show.

Russophobic disinformation from Frontline

DEFORESTATION: PBS hosts at least 2 shows Woodworking and This Old House which involve mainly wood, not brick or block stone or stucco. Building with dead trees is a greater fire hazard, requires more insulation, attracts termites and mold, has a shorter life span.


Chuck E Cheese is just one animal product sponsor of PBS Kids. The Wisconsin dairy industry is also the Wisconsin generator of calves separated from their mothers, of the brutal veal industry.

Stride Rite marketing shoes made of cows' skin (Molly on Mike and Molly: "Take the leather back to the cow and apologize".)


WVIZ, PBS' Cleveland affiliate, is promtoing the state prohunting agency which makes tv shows teaching children to drown, kill and skin trapped animals.

WVIZ toxic cooking shows such as Wild Gourmet which features the preparation of cadaver pieces resulting from hunting and fishing To object, call 1 800 WILDLIFE

12 5645

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