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The Missing and Missing Still – Mining, Renaturation, Implications

Internationalist Observer | 19.01.2015 21:32 | Analysis | Ecology | Repression | World

The Moon is kind of a cosmic climate recording that the Earth does not provide, because our atmosphere swallows most of it. But no material wind has ever blown the crust of the Moon, making the craters of meteorite impacts a historical record of activity measurements. Paralleling the era of temperature recordings for climate prognosis, the full planet has however experienced a similar phenomenon: Mining, most but not all of it for energy consumption, has left an unequivocal writing on it that can be read even by the futurologically blind. Millions of mines small to mega-large overwhelmingly inflicted during the energy boom generations leave a lasting message of the carelessness of this finite era in the face of these to come. Renaturation can only make them former mines – of everything from millstones to uranium – but not natural landscape. Neither are they reasonably filled up with debris to restore the destroyed surface. It is not merely the mortal sins like mountaintop removal or the “fossil trinity” of oil, coal and gas making up for the lion´s share of exploitation, but a general carelessness for the whispering of the “Mother of all Nightmares” in the sky which quite obviously is warning against the temptation to leave the ground beneath the feet in similar condition. This is the same species that speculates about the construction of planetary meteorite shields – not only with war ravaging the planet making any such shield a classical antiquity “wonder of the world”, but also with the contradictory intent of leaving something very similar to the impact it is allegedly meant to avoid.

The trail of devastation caused by mountaintop destruction alone is a geological footprint remaining even when the carbon emission is balanced again by renewal of carbon storage reservoirs. While the “carbon flood” may be unstoppable, it yet remains reversible in the long term. The mining impact is exactly the opposite; it can be easily stopped but is clearly irreversible. This characteristic difference makes it that the temperature recordings as a measurement of planetary intentions are merely a flood level parameter, while the mining impact map is a writing providing substantial details on these intentions for aeons to come. This explicitly includes renaturation, since mining legacies never can be entirely restored to the original condition, there always is something missing even when it is being replaced. The intent to create something new may even bring about better results than hiding the loss. But there also is risk that a speculation on renaturation defines the scope of impact, and the malignant intent distorts the meaning of renaturation from that of a scab on the wound to a condition desirable outside its specific circumstances. Yet even if renaturation brings about something fresh, like a water reservoir where there was none before, it is always less than the virginal land.

When renaturation is exaggerating its intent and results and putting significant effort into convincing itself that it had brought about an increase of value then this can be an indicator of a guilt complex plastered over with overcompensation patterns. This message is going to be readable on the planetary crust from anywhere in principle for a long time. The wounds of the Earth do in addition to that bear the pattern of perceived useful self-infliction as compared to the eternally random ones of the Moon. Specifically the pattern of exponential growth has put itself above all others of the mining legacy due to the fossil fuel footprint, most obvious in the borderline efficiency projects such as tar sand extraction. Only a geographically illiterate or otherwise helpless person could plausibly claim it would not believe that the species is on the eve of extermination, given that the shielding effect of the atmosphere was effectively bypassed to damage both the crust and the former as a result. The capitalist legacy punching card is a record of an unreasonable acceleration period, whose occurrence and escalation was caused both by a lack of space between the holes and ensuing lack of development of consciousness along with technology.

The fossil illusion with its three physical conditions of resources which together with the technological details determine demand patterns and imprint (adding beneath-surface extraction to open cast access as all of it is deprecation) is being approached with another trinity – namely the high light, the deep shadow and the seamless continuity in between. At the moment the resource budget is in neither condition entirely. Neither it is fully transparent everywhere, nor fully intransparent, nor is it an entity that could fit in between these descriptions. It is a fragmented and contradictory matter attempting to escape any formula to encompass it in its entirety. But the demise of capitalism can only be delayed a little bit longer not worth the grave consequences, and the footprint thereof cannot be reverted at all. In fact there are so many mining holes that they could not even be filled up with the bodies of the culprits who are not that many, besides the fact that they should not be centralised, resp. only the parts of it necessary to achieve peace among the contemporaries. Yet in the self-imagination of the dead legacy culprits the mining imprint can be both the incentive for themselves to cling to and the identification for others to spot the problem. In the long run, where even the ocean might retreat again, it is the only thing real capitalism will leave to history after it is gone, so when it is in its final stage it suffers the temptation to abuse the renaturation issue for its particular interest, e. g. as pretext for ever more exploitation. Hence the decisive characteristic of the mining legacy is that true renaturation is not the case, only a recapitalisation that does not lead to Nature but to a deception.

It is this material condition of unreflected greed – not necessarily of every human, but of the species as whole – though it would be better for the climate to be broad-minded enough to let everyone have their share than attempt to preserve wealth hierarchies through the shrinking – due to which the mining legacy is the background pattern for the present mixture of world war and climate chaos in contrast to which it becomes unequivocally recognisable that this is a fascist war of conquest. The tin soldiers dance to the tune of profit, and every single desk where they are doing it must be thrown out in the end, which is nearly the entire apparatus. As the death spasm of an overstretched police state is coming to the surface, and choking on its own ridiculous attempts to rewrite everything into a trap, it is determined by its own inescapable side-effect of civilisation alienation disorder (or legionaries disease for soldiers), a condition in which it can no longer distinguish between the highway chapel and the natural rock circle. If it did not disqualify itself which such behaviour, it would at least have to be told to come down from its unreasonable speculations before any consideration takes place. The condition of capitalist normalcy has degraded from selling the mother for love-joy to selling the helpless girl on the brink of the mine. The dusk-till-dawn approach of mining has reached a dead end, brain-dead-idiot-like with a lure in its hands that betrays its malignant intent all the way.

The authoritarian rampage recently in Europe is a grotesque echo of Hitler´s “Night of the Long Knives” (actually it were guns) in a different setting. After he came to power, in the first year he turned against his opponents on the left such as unions and communists. When they were badly decimated, opposition resentment had reached the level that one antifascist writer advised them when trying to reciprocate the impairment “not to visit our enemies in their beds.” The other day Hitler decided that the main target of that was more of a rival than a follower of him and disregarded the quote to the letter in yet another propaganda coup. Once the sickle had swung from the opponents to the rivals it took merely another year until the antisemitism that led straight into the death factories that arose on the foundations of a failed energy conversion program was moulded into law. The specific appearance of Hitler is due to his character as a trench king grafted upon the remainder of a monarchy. The racket of current fascism and the alpha animal at the top of its food chain however are grafted upon the remainder of democracy. At this point criticism of it can contribute to make it rot quicker. The fascist system appears to have passed a point of “disregard to the letter” behind which it takes the antifascist imperative to reduce the overall death count of abolition to a possible minimum by application of the light-shadow-twilight trinity and disregards it in a fascist project to increase that number by a grotesque death spasm of itself.

Hence the police state madness in Belgium, the bizarre exaggerations and media frenzy. The “police” as a Greek slave state antic is in its entirety going to be cut off by the Sharia of the collective body, because it has proven with its unequivocal reaction that it cannot be reused in any collective form. The escalation of police activity – and that includes the other such remainders such as courts and lawmakers, let off spying – is a clear indication that this has to be removed in entirety with the abolition of the military-industrial complex and the spying racket contained in it. There can be no real peace until this continuity is forever broken. The proposal of a balance by means of a fresh agreement fitting the current circumstances is already beyond acceptable, because that could not bring about the discontinuity necessary to enable substantial change. It is self-evident as well that any replacement can only go into the direction of worsening not of improvement and abolition due to the complexity of the apparatuses is to be a coordinated effort in order to make the cut deep enough to achieve but not to overachieve the result. For this purpose the task of preparation is to be split in two: The conditions for abolition to take place, and the modalities of it. The latter can already be laid out before the possibility – which in the case of Europe is expected to depend upon external circumstances.

It is a situation of the kind of the Kana wedding party – yet before one might decide whether to believe in water-to-wine miracles it can be made clear that this is a matter of the cross not of the type of hose. Purity cannot necessarily be double-certified with a thorn-crowned inside-out approach but only through union of heart and mind, as displayed in the parable. This voluntary abstention from total control is the missing explanation why later on in the same context the cop has to be told to come down from his institutional haughtiness before an encounter, which then of course goes without miracle. Cutting off the police and all affiliated apparatuses means precisely this, an enrichment that filters out for recycling the occasional exception here or there with the heart in the garden rather than in the locker. The institution “police” and with it these who cannot honestly detach from it is thereby prepared for death. Hence the alarmism and wrap-up rhetoric of panic and extinction emanating from the false consciousness of an expectation of Sharia on an individual level deeper than the climate impact.

The circle closes when mining is read as a record of land conflict. Technologically it is equal with the capability of conquest, and only the land that could be conquered could be mined. The war against humanity and the war against Earth supplement each other. A quarry could only be opened up in exclusively controlled territory. Or the other way round, the occurrence of mining is a perpetual symptom of a loss of independence. A struggle rooted in the mine can in the best case still only regenerate the independence not the bedrock. On the other hand the mine is the clearest and crassest illustration how collective body sharia (cutting off the extremities of the state) on an archetypal level is the appropriate response to the situation because it mirrors its central aspect. Why reduce population density more than it will do by itself when sufficient results can be obtained by reducing the spying?

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