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Calais news and anti-fascist demos 25/01

one of no borders | 17.01.2015 20:59 | Anti-racism | Migration

The anti-racists network in UK and France have called for counter-demonstrations on both sides of the Channel, in Calais and Dover nest Sunday 25th January.
Please come numerous! . Many thanks in advance to all those who will attend.

The prefect has authorized the fascist gathering called by Sauvons Calais again and despite several complaints about incitation to racial hatred during the last demonstration, 7 September 2014. Although only about 300 nazis and racists turned up, the worst elements of the French far right were represented, making Nazis salutes in front of the Town Hall and calling to the ‘self-defense’ of the White people, attacked by foreigners! The results have been seen in a multiplication of attacks on migrants. The racists are mainly targeting people who walk alone late at night. A Sudanese was attacked when walking back from the hospital. Another was run over when he was cycling – luckily he was quick enough to jump off his bike and escaped with minor injuries. An Afghan who was sleeping alone in a quiet place was attacked and beaten up – he has since moved to the ‘jungle’ with the other Afghans. A squat inhabited by Egyptians was attacked with Molotov
cocktails. Activists and volunteers of associations who support the migrants are also living under constant threat and fear of attack. A local anti-racist was attacked and injured when walking home alone. Several of our bicycles had their tires slashed and a van has been damaged. In the current climate of hate and fear following the terrorist attack on the racist publication Charlie Hebdo, it is most unlikely that a nazi demonstration in Calais could pass without incidents.

The fascists are furious at new plans to open a new day centre for the exiles, and at the opening of a new shelter for the extreme cold weather with 1000 capacity. They say it will encourage foreigners to settle in.
In fact, nobody wants to settle in Calais: the migrants are only trying to go to the UK. They get stuck in Calais due to the border being closed. Police violence against those who try to cross has escalated to unprecedented levels: people are beaten up unconscious, women included, have their bones broken, and/or are tear-gassed at close range – whence they run on the motorway without seeing where they are going. At least 15 people have died in Calais in the year 2014, the highest number ever. There are about 2000 migrant people in Calais at present – numbers have gone down slightly since the Summer, there were some 2300. Most are refugees from the most worn torn countries in the world: Eritrea, Sudan (Darfur, but increasingly Southern Sudan), Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia. They are now living in the jungles of Calais, in makeshift shelters, with no electricity, no water and no sanitation. The squat Galloo, opened by no borders, is still there - and good atmosphere lately! It could be evicted any time, as the owner has won the appeal to have the 'treve hivernal' removed. All the jungles and the squat are under eviction - though the evictions are not thought to be imminent.

The government’s plans are to open a new day centre for migrants – using the abandoned centre Jules-Ferry, far from town and far from the eyes. Migrants will be ‘allowed to sleep in small jungles’ around the centre. The Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve is strongly opposed to any accommodation by night, except in the case of extreme cold (- 5); in which case people are allowed to sleep on the floor in a big hangar, and out again when temperatures rise a bit. The mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart (UMP) has again advocated the creation of some bed spaces; in her own words, ‘in big tents like in the refugees camps in Darfur’; which begs the question: why the refugees from Darfur should live in similar conditions when they arrive in France? Do not forget Mme Bouchart is a racist and was behind all the evictions of squats and camps last year.

Europe has devolved 3.7 millions euros to Calais. Should all this money be wasted on a day centre in the middle of nowhere, pushing people to move around this centre either in new jungles, or in a refugee camp like those of Darfur? Or should this money be spent on more rational projects that provide real solutions to ease the refugee crisis in Calais?

Good news: the wind has again blown down the new anti-immigrant fence erected around Calais port (with the aid of the UK). The fence will be removed.

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On Sunday 25th January fascists will gather in both Calais and Dover to
“secure our borders”.

The Anti-Fascist Network are calling for a counter demonstration against
the fascists and the border.

We call on all anti-fascists and anti-racists to join us on the day to
stop the fascists and show solidarity with the people stuck in Calais,
fleeing the horrors of war and imperialist intervention.

The dire situation in Calais has been in the news lately due to the
deaths of 15 migrants trying to escape to Britain. The majority of
people who reside in the so called “jungles” in Calais are fleeing areas
of the world torn apart by conflict.

European countries are more than happy to plunder wealth and raw
materials from around the world, through exploitation, expropriation and
political interference, yet are never willing to take responsibility for
the horrific social and economic fallout from their meddling.

Join us in Dover on the 25th, in solidarity with migrants, against the
bloodthirsty capitalist system whose endless quest for profit creates
horrific human suffering, and against the boot boys of capitalism, the
fascists and nazis!

No one is illegal!

one of no borders