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Je ne suis pas Charlie!

Anar | 13.01.2015 20:59 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression

“Je ne suis pas Charlie – I am not Charlie!” That is the defiant note being sounded by anarchists in France in the face of the sickening wave of nationalistic reaction sparked by the Charlie Hebdo killings.

“Today, we are no more Charlie than we were yesterday, and death doesn’t transform our opponents or enemies of yesterday into our friends of today,” declares the non-fides site. []

“It is not our custom to cry over the graves of (even vaguely alternative or libertarian) journalists or cops, for we’ve long since recognized the media and the police as the two essential weapons of this civilizing terrorism: by manufacturing consent on the one hand, and by repression and imprisonment on the other. That is why we refuse to cry wolf with other wolves, or even with sheep.

“Those predators who exhort us to cry in unison with them today, to declare ‘Je suis Charlie’, are the same predators in suits responsible for the emergence of terrible groups and movements such as al-Quaeda or Daesh, former allies of western democracies against the previous perils before they took a central place on the podium of the geo-strategic perils of today.

“In their courts, their police stations, their prisons, these same scumbags kill, incarcerate, mutilate and sequestrate all those that don’t follow the path imposed upon them with truncheon blows and education.

“The same civilized beings that let people croak every day at their borders for trying to escape the misery and wars that they themselves and their enemies of the day created.

“We have absolutely no desire to let these same exact scumbags civilize and eradicate us any further, still less to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Because it is against them that we want to stand shoulder to shoulder, against all those that regard us under different religious, political, communitarian, interclassist, civilizing and nationalist pretexts as pawns to be placed for sacrifice on an absurd and squalid chessboard.”

Anarchist blogger Claude Gillon, for his part, explains on his lignes de force [] site: “I am not Charlie because I know that the vast majority of these Charlies have never been either Mohamed or Zouad, in other words none of those hundreds of young people murdered on the estate by ‘our’ police (they come from all religions, the pigs!) paid with ‘our’ taxes.

“I am not Charlie because I refuse to cry over the Charlie Hebdo corpses alongside the same François Hollande who has just announced that the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport will go ahead, in other words that there will be more people seriously injured by rubber bullets and no doubt more like Rémi Fraisse [killed by police in an anti-dam protest in October 2014].

“I am not Charlie because I am a revolutionary activist trying to keep informed about the state of the capitalist world in which I live. As such, I am fully aware that the country from which I have emerged is at war, even if in far-flung and shifting ‘theatres of operation’.”

The Paris Luttes site [] questions the constant use of the word “barbarism” to describe the Islamist attackers, tracing its origins back to the idea of foreigners who speak a language that sounds like “bar-bar” to European ears, and also to the notion of a foreign race threatening to invade.

“Finally, it is more specifically the land of the Berbers, and in a wider sense the former name for North Africa (Barbary). There is a racist connotation, conscious or not, in the choice of the term ‘barbarism’ to describe the cruelty of the killing of the Charlie Hebdo journalists.”

They also challenge the assumptions behind the word “terrorism”, adding: “The first victims of this terror are racial minorities and especially those in working-class areas of the Paris region, where police pressure was immediately notched up as part of a shock strategy (the raising of the policing levels mainly affects the estates, the so-called sensitive areas).

“The attack against Charlie Hebdo is also being used as an excuse to wheel out the tired old clichés about the need for harsher sentencing (such as the death penalty) and the ‘rearming’ of the police… as if they had ever been disarmed: the way things are happening you’d think that at the moment that people declare ‘we are Charlie’, they forget that they have ever heard anyone say ’we are Rémi’.”

• The media hysteria generated by the Charlie Hebdo attack has even been used by the British state to justify increasing the fascistic militarisation of society here. SAS soldiers, in plain clothes or disguised in police uniforms, have apparently been drafted in to “rushed in to guard our streets” , as the Daily Express inevitably put it. [



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Baa baa.

14.01.2015 21:21

If this so-called radical rag was really so, its latest headline would read, 'hundreds of thousands of sheep descend on Paris, led by leading western war criminals'.


barbarism is a word

14.01.2015 22:52

the article mentions that the word "barbarism" has a racist connotation.

Actually, rather than questioning the use and coming up with a convoluted answer, you could just use something called a "Dictionary". Barbarism is a word, like any other. One definition is: "extreme cruelty or brutality." Furthermore, this is the most appropriate definition because it is the one that is used to describe an "act" (Again, listed in a dictionary - as an example usage).

If you search long enough, hard enough, and convoluted enough, you can find any answer you want. However, the "plain" answer is that they have used a word out of the dictionary that has a clear definition. You convoluted explanation can't just ignore that, because the dictionary definition will take precedence over all over arguments. Simple put: A dictionary is used to describe the meaning of words. You are unable to argue otherwise.


Stupid article

15.01.2015 23:27

This article equates the hundreds of thousands of people who protested against Islamo-Fascist and racist murderers with the tiny handful of world-leaders who inevitably step in front of the cameras to try to exploit such events. An emotionally idiotic and deeply naive approach.... profoundly insulting to the people the authors of this article would love to radicalize.... step out of your self-righteous self-isolating radical ghetto and realize that "ordinary" people oppose anti-semitic killers for reasons that have nothing to do with political leaders and "their courts, their police stations, their prison" (sic)


On the origin of words (and more)

17.01.2015 14:02

"Barbarian" ----- The "bar-bar" explanation is nonsense. The root of the term is beard (bearded) from which we still have "barber" in our language. This served well as a designation for "other" / "stranger" / "outsider" because the ancient Romans were clean shaven. That their culture might also have associated other negative characteristics with not shaving is beside the point. If you don't believe me, ask anybody else who was forced to learn Latin.

And "anti-zionist" --- would you care to present some reasons WHY you think these attacks were Israeli "false flag" operations. Please, not simply "they would be capable of it" and also not "they benefit from it" but why you reject to obviously simpler explanation that the attacks were exactly what they appear to be. In other words, why you don't think Islamic fundamental extremists would consider the attacks to be furthering THEIR goals and why you consider them incompetent to have carried out the attacks. Keep a couple things in mind when you do that. From the Islamic fundamentalist point of view, backlash against the moderate, more secularized Muslims in Europe not necessarily a bad thing. When you are trying to explain the actions of others you need to use THEIR take on reality and not your own. In a situation like this when you don't give REASONS for what you say it is going to come across as something other than what you intended. Makes our indymedia sites look bad.


Senior politicians in France, Turkey & US call Charlie Hebdo as NATO False Flag

19.01.2015 13:10

Download: Martin Summers and Jill Goulding - mp3 12M

Turkish president, Erdogan, accuses 'the West' of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks: former US White House presidential advisers Paul Craig Roberts says Paris attacks are false flag to bring France back into line; Israeli journalist filmed attack; Netanyahu asked not to come to Paris but became centre of attention; oil pipe line from Russia to Turkey; western intelligence services, NATO; Jihadi training camp in Ardennes. Interview with Jill Goulding, who found some secret WW2 documents of her grandfathers' in her mother's attic:

WWII COPP commando training unit on Hayling Island near Chichester in Hampshire; John Ainsworth-Davis, aka. Christopher Creighton, author of 'OPJB', was trained by him, were both part of secret operations and were lied to; putting the record straight over the world war two 3,500 Canadian casualties at Dieppe – Wednesday 19th August 1942, did the German's know Canadians were coming?
Dieppe, 1942: 3,500 Canadians sacrificed as cover for MI6 agent JAD who later grabbed Nazis' looted billions?
Why was my war hero grandfather written out of history? Jill Goulding discovered an attaché case in her Hampshire loft which contained a host of secret wartime documents confirming her grandfather Harold Goulding had been the commanding officer of the Royal Navy's elite Special Boat Unit (SBU). So why did he die just months after the war, why was his DSO not recognised on his gravestone and elsewhere, and why did one of the commandos he trained at COPP headquarters, John Ainsworth-Davis, say it was lucky Harold died so soon after the war because he wouldn't have wanted to know 'we'd been lied to'. Was that lie the secret 'Operation James Bond' mission that took place in April 1945, just before the end of World War Two, to snatch Hitler's treasurer, Martin Bormann, from under the noses of the Russians so he could begin the work of running an underground Fourth Reich? The COPP commandos that took part in that top secret MI6 mission were told they were extracting Bormann, codename 'Piglet', so that the Nazis looted billions could be redistributed and returned to its rightful owners across Europe, but that was Churchill's man of mystery Desmond Morton's big lie. A body double who'd had dental surgery, of Bormann was taken on the mission and once Bormann had been identified and rescued the double was killed and left behind as 'Bormann's body. Only Morton, Ian Fleming, King George VI and Winston Churchill knew the real plan was to get Bormann out of Berlin, via Britain, to South America where he could safely begin the bureaucratic job of creating 750 or so new corporations around the world into which the laundered billions could be injected and former SS supporters in suits would be placed on the various boards. This is detailed in two books which I respectfully ask you to read and distribute 1. 'Op JB, the last great secret of world war two' by Christopher Crieghton (John Aisworth Davis was using a pen name still nervouis about the official secrets act) 2. 'Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile' by wartime CBS news correspondent Paul Manning. Jill met John Ainsworth-Davis - aka. Christopher Creighton, author of 'Op JB, the Last Great Secret of World War Two', who told her that Harold would have been upset that they were lied to about secret missions they were sent on at the end of the war. So how and why did Harold die and why has his memory been expunged from history? Anyone that knew Commander Harold Goulding, R.N. D.S.O. please contact his grand-daughter Jill

Friday Drivetime
- Homepage:


19.01.2015 23:25

"Makes our indymedia sites look bad." -- theres the understatement of the year. This site looks bad because it draws people who are off the scale in terms of prejudice, and anything that does toe the party line is censored


Abbott's response.

21.01.2015 00:44

The PM of Australia's response to the attack was that " these people are jealous of how wonderful we are". A clear example of how the power elite use any event to pander to those who listen to them and at the same time distort and trivialize the event.