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The Price of Oil and its Macroeconomic Meaning

Internationalist Observer | 09.01.2015 13:54 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | World

The dialectics of power and weakness makes it that when power becomes weak by Nature its strength is turning into an open wound. The bleeding of the oil monopoly is such a case, it illustrates why it is wise to calm down before death, though in the case of the oil industry it is the monopoly power which is dying, not necessarily the populations depending on it as sort of ecological hostages. What is bleeding here is the futurological formula of the Saudi monarchy in Arabia, as it is burning the resources it is meant to leave for future generations for the mere purpose of clinging to a misinformed hegemony in the way of creative chaos. The decision to increase the oil output now instead of much later on reflects a shrunk expectation horizon of a human future, and even in the best case, where it would be assumed that it is more of a conscious choice than of a motoric reflex to dispatch the oil which is left to a shorter timespan than appropriate from the perspective of intergenerational justice, it expresses the untold admission that the Saudi racket does not see a future for itself it would deem worth of any conservation. What shows itself in the current price dump is the metabolic rush of the prisoner who gets to smoke a last cigarette before execution, and as the inhalation is in full scale it is not visible how much of it has already burned down before the Mammal Squad turns on its cameras. Apparently the increased strength of the Islamic State is rock-firm enough to shake the petroleum market into sell-out panic.

If the Unitednations organisation was a Turing machine, then the logical question would be why has it not imposed tariff sanctions against the Saudi regime, redirecting the revenues the legacy king is abstaining from for the sake of hurting everyone else into a global emergency fund? From the human perspective, the question could be reworded to: Why do the people of Shanghai not lock their arms and sing the International when they are being doused with toxic assets? It is a false consciousness that blacks out the self-evident solution, as much as any acknowledgement of itself, making it unnecessary complicated to respond to the lashing out of a dying beast with the appropriate precision. The – as the architecture critics say – “house that cannot blossom” is in the miserable condition of the obese kid that never learned to live without a fridge, and fears it would be dying when it is turned off. You can have it drivelling about the market value of the trees in front of the house all day, but it will never understand without external help that the species was chosen for its niche quality of special compatibility with rainwater collection systems.

This is of course the worst possible set to receive desert thugs for whom the grid-dependent food cooler appears to be the only real thing and who have no educated eye for the natural plausibility of Nature. The coffee-table approach of energy discourse is going on the ash-heap of history because it was from its very origins onward alienated from them and suffocating in the inclusion of its own unjust wealth. By alienation we mean such metaphorical traps as the assumption that the distinction between direct current and alternating current electricity was somehow like that between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. In a presentation scheme it might appear so, but in reality Nature and technology are just so different from each other that the all-inclusive bridges attempted to be put up between them always break down when contradiction gets serious. The whole mentality is one-sided, and increased natural thinking on the technological side would in fact be an advance although this approach lacks it as a purpose, and is instead clinging to the fridge and the grid.

In the concrete example such as it is a matter of fact on the natural side that warm-blooders cannot be converted into cold-blooders (though the latter may evolve to the former), it is a matter of purpose on the technological side that energy conversion is always a loss and should already be avoided long before it ceases to seem insignificant. Instead the sunlight or wind energy collection is like the evergreen technology of rainwater collection. It is so obvious that it must be asked why the coffee-table approach misses it, and the answer is because it never thought of going off-grid in the first place because it is too weak to believe in life off-grid at all. There never was any useful criticism of renewable energy coming from fossil lobbyists masquerading as environmentalists. Hence the machinery of anorganic renewables takes the known role of (useless) status symbols instead of being useful things without dissonant overtones such as a cistern.

When a roof-maker takes the traditional path, he gets a hat that shields the sun and soaks the rain, so when he feels like wearing a helmet of steel it is clear that the weather has gotten too bad for work and it is time to take a break. But the load the oil dumping puts on the heads of Unitednations has not brought about the appropriate response. Instead it is behaving contradictory. On one hand it behaves as if it was expecting to get its fire lit by the natural impetus, but on the other it is failing to create the substantial preconditions for it. The harnessing of the oil monopoly is something Unitednations must do of their own, such as the kid that is sent to the creek to clean out its underwear. There can be no realistic expectation that the alchemy fire would reconcile itself with the plastic factory before the latter has ceased raping the Earth, and even then it may be only the runaways thereof deserving natural recognition.

By rape we mean the temptation to profit from the artificial oil rush and thereby burning the future of a seamless population reduction. When people allow themselves to get excited over an outpouring of hormones to trample each other for an illusion such as cheap oil, then they have lost all reflection of a future with expensive oil and cheap food, with the latter enabled by the former. As obvious since the wind took down the leaves in the North, the industrial oil monopoly in order to bring about a clean shutdown of it must go through an high price period in which it subsidises broad compensation of the world population before reaching irrelevance. When the “fossil towel” is to be thrown, in preparation for that the clothespins are to be taken off, and that´s how they are to be treated – with the current low-price pressure the towel is blowing in the wind although already dry as untreated humour or a fearless throat in the middle of a lecture.

So where has Unitednations organisation ended up? In an echo of the historical “League of Nations” yelling down Haile Selassie? And what is about its flawed pawn tactic that deepens its own plantation traumas (see Dec 31, 2014) as to infringe upon natural sovereignty? The quick and easy answer is in oil-induced paralysis. The deep and wide answer is in a hole where treating science fiction with more science fiction is like treating an oil spill with a coagulation additive spill. The coffee-table approach is a factory-assembled narrative whose mount points cannot really carry the weight of its baggage. E. g. although photovoltaics and wind are proven technologies, macro-photovoltaics is like oil boom architecture and long distance wind is such as painting the big floor with a thin brush. There can be more everyday-capable patterns than the flood-fill algorithm. As the wash-around-the-clock windmill arrays and maintenance-cost-groomed solar plantations serve as instructive examples (in the negative sense) of the science fiction ideology that brought this about, they also should be seen as a warning against countering these symptoms of manipulation with a moronic narrative so alienated that it cannot get its head out of the fridge. It would be making a bad thing worse by making it better.

The Sun sayeth thou shalt have no life-depending system besides me. Seen from the perspective of a blanket approach it is a “be or not to be” issue for Unitednations to cease hitting each other with tariffs and instead use them to defend themselves against their oppressor. Like the sculpture that is being given a sword is being thrown into the mud if it cannot defend itself, Unitednations is being tested whether it can funnel the oil spill into historical progress rather than having it deprecate the environment and the currencies. For its Korean head, there always is a “red phone ministry” waiting in order to show him the way if he does not get forward on his own. As everyone knows the Saudi gang is a bunch of depraved idiots, so it is ridiculous to give them the impression of a Shanghai-type greed outbreak (see Feb 21, 2014). Downhill greed cannot be fought with uphill greed, but only with a collective spirit. Yet of that unseen ideal Unitednations is a mere caricature, and not even a dry one, not to mention the busload of other groupings of states in its trail.

Unitednations is not part of the solution but part of the problem. Its paperwork is not worth the trees. The Islamic State is a mere prototype of a solution and the Songun State a mere reflection thereof. The implementation details have been written down and published for everyone to see, if not without being spied against by the terror regime then for it to obey and if not be branded as defunct technology. For the narrow path to be turned into a wide avenue, it is vital to the species as a cosmic entity to entirely tear down the failed hierarchies of the past before the free associations of the future can begin. Only then a clean cut to the spying legacy can be made, which is the precondition for the current death spasm to cease.

Although the spying does not produce results, it produces equations with so many variables that the computing time spent to obtain no results is a net result in the overall balance. From the human perspective it is now self-evident that if spying were to be driven by somehow-human-as-well motivations, then it would have ceased at some point due to saturation, just like metabolism. Hence the indirect approach to project a peak monopoly of power from a base and a force component stored separately. This is an entirely different way of system construction than the synchronisation of steering wheels practiced in Unitednations with little success when push comes to shove. Between these two components the international organisations are the raw material out of which the fossil clothespin is made. The “elastic shock” of increased perception of the fossil dependency at the beginning of its decrease is self-compensating, as the wealth redistribution from a collective standard of appropriately expensive fossil fuel will have overwhelmingly positive effects of release. The deliberately high oil price is only the starting line of a reconstruction towards significantly decreased fossil dependency (gas and coal flanking the oil).

Yet when energy administration becomes short-sighted, for Unitednations it means that the focus of success gets lost to the coffee-table approach, i. e. the lack of self-evident Earth community and its remarkably miserable substitution thereof with “spying-improved” (in reality deprecated) fraud. The submarine fleet by means of which the Arab-Israeli conflict becomes a bottomless pit in terms of the nuclear threshold has not made it to the Unitednations agenda, just as if there was a fear that even if the council only pleaded for its suspension during negotiations that would be synonymous to its abolition. Hence the entire “conflict resolution effort” is pointless because its only purpose is to avoid the obvious, namely that successful disarmament must begin at the top of the technological complexity pyramid. And of course is so that the identification of the junk food of malignant disinformation and its origin becomes significantly more clear to perceive once it is being seen what it is meant to distract from. The shadow of atomic war is the cause of the bleeding. Without the bomb, the Jews could be living as Israel in Palestine as long as there is a single human who keeps the key of the Church of Nativity in concord with them. It could be simple though it does not need to be.

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