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Who benefits ?

Paul O' Hanlon | 09.01.2015 09:52

French false flag attack, who benefits ?

It is useful to look at any so called terrorist attack and ask "who benefits ?" In the case of the attack on the journalists of the Charlie Hebdo magazine this is very important. The mainstream media and governments are working hard to convince us it is their all to convenient 'enemy', Islamist extremists'. Two convenient patsies have been set up (ID card left in car !!!) and the excuse for the attack prepared.

Once however the facts are examined we begin to see the flaws in the official story and who benefits from this attack.

The Koachi brothers have no links to Islamism, a very minor link to criminality and are both conveniently orphans with no families to defend them. Both were building careers in the music industry and were known for drinking and visiting night clubs - not the profile of a devout Muslim.

Next we must look at the Charlie Hebdo magazine, although there has been a lot of focus on its publishing of the infamous offensive Danish cartoons the principle target of its criticism over the past ten years has been its highlighting of Israel crimes in Palestine and the Occupied Territories. Israel is well known for its attacks on those who are critical of it and using false flag attacks to do that.

The two sacrificial lambs are now holed up in a French warehouse (owned by a Jewish run printing company) and will likely be killed to ensure the story is not questioned.

The principle benefit of this attack was Israel.

Paul O' Hanlon