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Can Greece Shrink the Submarine Bubble Without Burst?

Internationalist Observer | 05.01.2015 22:34 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | World

The European currency is a case of a congenital error that can only be survived with early awareness and correction. Every other culture, even the North Americans with their obscene adoration of money, has different words for cash and people. Only the Euros do not. So while everyone else sees money as some kind of tool in their hands, Europeans are seduced by language to perceive money as an equivalent of themselves, not as a dead thing with function and purpose but as a living entity with will and soul. Yet the European languages do not put up a grammatical wall between living and dead things, nor between liveable and unliveable ones. In this sense the British separate currency is European as well, because it is cherished as a matter of identity rather than an exchange technique. It would have to be advised that, when change is being made to that, it should directly go to separate words for currency name and currency unit such as grammatically appropriate for material things instead of remaining in the half-way position of different words but indifferent grammar. Money is a material thing such as mud and not a living entity such as Earth. “The Euro” is a speculation currency with no anchor in natural treasures set to be passed on to these who do inherit the outcome of it. It breathes like an exotic lilly under the cheese-cup of Unitedstates military dominance, which is another shared circumstance with its British counterpart. But with the revolutionary cause of anti-austerity accordingly accomplished, the Greek awakening seems to have gained momentum to paradoxically save the “European” currency from itself by squeezing it down to healthy dimensions before it collapses into nothingness.

If the Greek state is under sufficient internal pressure to dump the “austerity policy” – i. e. inefficient degradations for the sake of efficiency – then this would be good for Europe in the same sense as the recent shrinking was good for Russia. The currency value would parachute down to what is in fact backed by across-generations treasures, before it drops over the cliff without any anti-acceleration measure and smashes itself at Earth level. If Greece is going to defeat the German approach to the issue this could mean that “the euro” is going to survive (though not the inappropriate name), instead of having to be replaced with an external currency which already did the anti-bigotry step out of the “destination unlimited” horror trip Frankfurt fails to take. You cannot parachute with a nuclear umbrella. Of course the assertion of the Berlin regime that it would shrug away a Greek intervention is rendered transparent by the European central bank head who said that he would not administrate the local results of his policies – under this condition the assertions that there could be no pull-out domino effect do not hold any weight.

For the European fascists a “rouble scenario” led by Athens is an imminent nightmare, hence so many contradictory efforts to play over it. For the anti-austerity movement that now appears to have taken its brain-dead regime on the leash of historical consciousness it seems to be a matter of political will. Of course the entire “austerity policy” was unjustified in terms of international law, first of all the fighter planes at the heart of it, and should never have been pursued or at least cancelled much earlier. Hence the continuous escalation of the financial crisis – an overproduction crisis, to be precise, encompassing not only financial products and originating from the military-industrial complex – since the global peak oil with no turning point in sight other than the running out of the Arab oil spill. Yet it is likely that peak spill – the point at which the dumping tactic of the monopolist can no longer be sustained – just like peak oil can only be recognised after it has irreversibly been passed.

What broke up the parliamentary stalemate that preceded the Greek awakening is the coincidence of the failed election round with the ferry ship fire. This incident led to a hectic response effort during the vote which did not only bring some attention to the European state piracy against refugees from Africa that attempts to block them from landing in freedom, but apparently influenced the outcome of the vote as well. During the false ritual it was appropriately recalled what is at stake – so it can only be speculated whether the fire on the ship was a conscious effort to dampen the “democracy” illusion and reduce its implementation to a wreck that is better sold for scrap metal than ever trusted again. Otherwise it would have been a very fortunate incident in terms of side effects.

Yet it seems unlikely that this was a false flag attack of the kind of the “propaganda film affair” in Unitedstates. Apparently the cracking of the computers of the production firm there was neither orchestrated by the target of it nor by innocent hackers, but once again by the spying bureaucracy (see Aug 8, 2014 & Mar 28, 2014). In one case the investigation would have become an international affair, in the other the techniques used would have been disclosed as to prevent misuse thereof from thereon. There have been instances of “cyber war” such as in the Unitedstates campaign to facilitate a nuclear accident in Persia where the attacked presented irrefutable proof of it, but failed to pursue the extradition of the culprits. There also have been instances of “cyber lessons” such as independent hackers attacking a bank in order to protect its customers from possible exploits, but in these cases the loopholes have been announced by them in order to prevent any real exploitation from thereon. Neither has been the case in the “propaganda film affair” where the offers for joint investigation were ignored by the culprits.

Apparently China was offered a bribe for a false claim the data link had come through their territory and neither wanted to lie nor to tell the truth. Could there be any more clear indication of such attempts than the Shanghai cash throwing incident, in which only after the stampede had killed dozens and their relatives swarmed the hospitals the Beijing regime concluded to claim that there would have been no counterfeit dollars, or that they would have been thrown only after the entrapped had beaten up each other to get what they perceived as real? Apparently, just like Nicaragua Lake is being murdered by excessive speculation, the Beijing regime is confused by North American money to a much larger extent than Athens is irritated by that coming out of Frankfurt. When the people trample each other for currency which is not even the people´s currency but a bigot´s currency then bigotry is rampant.

It should be noted that a propaganda film packed with disinformation on the Unitedstates assassination policy and presumably orchestrated by the murderers to try to cover their tracks is not freedom of expression but a crime against the targets both of the propaganda and the targets of the overt and covert assassinations. If there was no assassination campaign then there would be no conflict over its distraction by-products as well. And last but not least, with the entire marketing hoax of the propaganda film spiralling into mindless self-indulgence the distinction becomes visible between an official self-mutilation as with the propaganda film affair and a real disruption as in the Mediterranean ferry fire during the Greek presidential election.

Apparently the Athens regime has already been spoon-fed by the spying bureaucracy as to direct its forces against the internal opposition instead of against its real enemies. This might mean that the election is set to become a public effort to dump the collaborator regime and extinguish its perpetrators. Athens can now no longer scare the Greek population with the support of Berlin, and the beginning of the predicted end of the crime of austerity is made (see Oct 3, 2013). If the Athens regime is directed by selective feeding of data obtained by outside spying then it might be more difficult for the population to put it on a leash and control its external intakes. Certainly there is a problem that of all the data stolen from the entire country only selected bits are fed back to its regime, putting severe influence into the hands of these making these selections. The ability to keep the recycling of regime supporters backing off the traitor gang at high purity could be decisive to counter a regime which in addition to the “external support” of economic occupation now also faces the problem of informational occupation.

This could be compared to the internal disinformation campaigns of the Berlin regime which makes a top issue out of a firewall alarm reporting some kind of American-produced malware that already carries the dust of weeks, only to shout over the domestic critics of its own spying and abuse efforts, and its reckless collaboration with the Washington regime. Yet an election without information sovereignty is worse than Hongkong with tear gas in the eyes – not only is the choice limited, but even that is subject to hampered perception, and one may not even be aware of it, plus the limitation lacks rational explanation. It should be reiterated that an election, i. e. a substitution of meaningful discourse by meaningless calculation, can only make sense if it contributes to reduce the significance of representation. As the originator of the concept of democracy Greece remains a test case for its definition. Democracy has been insufficient to successfully prevent austerity, i. e. the obsessive compulsive excess of the blowback of obsessive compulsive excess. That definition may sound complex but is easily illustrated with the renegade Nazi Germans who bombed Yugoslavia together with the Americans because they persuaded themselves it was like them before they were stopped.

Austerity in Greece also has a lot to do with warplanes but they were sold to the traitor gang as to beef up its arms race with neighbouring Turkey, which also was sold weaponry with no other purpose than petting the militarist voting constituency within the fascist regime. Athens might be forced by the Greek population itself to recognise the fact that it would be betrayed just like Cyprus if it does not make its own moral debt cut to its collaboration with the fascists before it urges any financial debt cuts, and pretend no external breakthrough in the elimination of the spying system had been achieved, which brought it into the fortunate situation to reconsider its course in the first place. When the German president visited Greece over the Nazi issue his hypocrisy was thick as a book of books. But the memory of the blood spilled by the Nazis could not prevent the emergence of another policy – the last time it was called “healing”, now “austerity” – with the wicked psychological deformation of obsessive compulsive excess of the blowback of obsessive compulsive excess. In a second try they have again displayed their odd fixation on shouting over all the undesired side-effects of their shouting.

When Greece comes to weigh the euro against the rouble, it might not practically be able to revert to its old national currency. As market numbers already indicate a bit, the mere opening of a window of possibility could be enough to replace the “German fiscal umbrella” with the dandelion parachute of natural anarchy and sink the value of the euro currency to realistic proportions instead of a crash that in the densely populated subcontinent which has twice of the population of Unitedstates on half of the territory could easily escalate into a crass stampede. That includes the British islands whose currency with once foot in the euro and another in the dollar not only is not a safe alternative for Greece but also not likely to be excluded from a collapse scenario.

If it is to be assumed that the euro might at least experience the same shrinking as the rouble if not more then it might be that the overall result would be that Europe can be more grateful to Greece than vice versa, because without the slowdown of the predictable Euro crash by the unfolding of the Greek intent to refuse to abstain from political independence for wrongly directed “austerity” it might be the poor, weak and elderly who die first in the stampede. There is no time to lose as the Islamic State would be in crass difficulty to have to weigh an opportunity to crash the Unitedstates dollar because that might hurt Europe more than the main target of it. The earlier as the unreal “austerity” ideology is properly buried the better for all who do or would like to abstain from excessive economic exaggerations entirely.

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