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The Royal Family—32 reasons why they must be required to answer police questions

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32 reasons why Mrs and Mr Windsor, Andrew, and Charles, must be compelled to answer police questions for the UK's Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

The British Royal Family: 32 reasons why they must be compelled to answer police questions for the UK's Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

1) 16 year old Palace employee, Andrew, Geoffrey Dickens MP said members of Royal Household abused him

2) Sir Philip Bailhache, alleged to have manoeuvred to discourage CSA victims from testifying / Haute Garenne

3) Bishop Peter Ball, prosecuted for alleged child abuse

4) Peter Bick, child abuse allegation

5) Sir Anthony Blunt, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House

6) Michael Colvin MP, allegation that he 'arranged' a fire that killed 5 witnesses to child sexual abuse

7) Jeffrey Epstein, convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution

8) Aide to Prince Charles, rape allegation

9) Reginald Forester-Smith, convicted of sustained child abuse involving his two daughters

10) Lord Justice Fulford, founder member of a campaign to defend the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)

11) Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, child abuse allegation

12) Patrick Gilbert, convicted of child abuse offences

13) Gary Goldsmith, pimp allegation

14) Stuart Hall, child abuse allegation

15) Rolf Harris, convicted child abuser

16) Sir Peter Hayman child abuse allegation

17) Benjamin Herman, child abuse allegation

18) Paul Kidd, convicted of child abuse offences

19) Richard Langley, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House

20) Lord Louis Mountbatten, child abuse allegation / Kincora

21) John Phillips, child abuse (incest and rape) allegation

22) Harbinder Singh Rana, convicted rapist

23) Jonathan Rees-Williams, convicted of sex attacks on children

24) Jimmy Savile, thought to be one of the world's most prolific child abusers and sex offenders

25) Stephen Salmon, convicted of child abuse

26) Douglas Slade, on bail for multiple counts of child abuse

27) William Tallon, sexual predator allegation

28) (Thomas) George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy, child abuse allegation

29) David Tracey, charged with four counts of making indecent images of children

30) Commander Peter Trestrail, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House

31) Sir Laurens van der Post, child rape allegation

32) The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright, child abuse allegation

Queen Elizabeth II

Revealed: Peter Hayman, paedo, spy. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, PIE

'Hayman was awarded the CVO in 1965, an honour granted by the Queen personally. It is unlike most other honours which are given by the Queen on advice from the government...
'[Police] raided a flat that [Hayman] rented in Notting Hill, central London. There, the police found 45 volumes of obscene diaries in which Hayman described paedophile fantasies. Police discovered that he was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children.

Lord Justice Fulford backed paedophile campaign, paper claims
– Lord Justice Fulford was named as an adviser to the Queen last year

'[Reginald Forester-Smith] was jailed for eight years in 1999 for subjecting his two daughters - and another schoolgirl - to a sustained, systematic campaign of sexual abuse...But to his well-heeled friends and clients, the father-of-five was a perfect gentleman, regularly called upon to take pictures of the Queen and Prince Philip whenever they visited Scotland...'

Sex attacker [Harbinder Singh Rana] was invited on to royal barge alongside Queen during Jubilee pageant

Rolf Harris guilty: Abuse victim wrote to the Queen to warn her as the presenter painted monarch's portrait
-- 'The new information came to light as it was confirmed that Harris visited Broadmoor hospital with paedophile Jimmy Savile in the Seventies'

Home to something evil [Haut de la Garenne]

'The supervised by the bailiff [formerly Sir Philip Bailhache], Jersey's highest officer, who is appointed by the Queen, while the task of upholding the law and keeping the hobby bobbies in check falls to the attorney general. These two key posts are currently held by brothers, Sir Philip and William Bailhache, members of one of the oldest and most powerful families on Jersey.'

'In a secret memo revealed on 14 August by British newspaper The Times, the commissioner accused the local magistrates of manoeuvring to stifle its investigation. To listen to the police, the bailiff [Sir Philip Bailhache], his brother the Attorney General and the to discourage abuse victims from testifying against their accusers.'

Sir Peter Morrison and his sister, Dame Mary Anne Morrison

'In October 2012, Rod Richards, a former MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Conservatives, implicated Morrison in the North Wales child abuse scandal'
'Hon. Dame Mary Anne Morrison, GCVO (b. 17 May 1937), Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1960'

'[Sir Peter Morrison] was a force to be reckoned with — at the heart of the Establishment, close to the PM, and, throughout this period, his sister, now Dame Mary Morrison, was a friend and lady-in-waiting to the Queen' [quote: former MP Giles Brandreth],_1st_Baron_Margadale

Timebomb at Elm Guest House: Pop stars, a bishop and a top politician appear on a list seized by police investigating child abuse at the London hotel in the 1980s
- 'The list includes a number of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household [Commander Richard Trestrail - the Queen's equerry], an MI5 officer, two pop stars and the traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt'

- 'It later emerged that Trestrail, 51, had protected the Queen and supervised her security for years, but had only been security vetted some three or four months before his resignation.'

'One source is said to have suggested that Anthony Blunt, former Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures and an exposed Soviet spy, used to go to sordid parties at the [Elm] guest house'

Pervert Patrick Gilbert, a friend of Royalty, molested his victim for four years, after paying for him to have ballet lesons...[Gilbert]...has a previous conviction for molesting two 13-year-old boys...'
"Gilbert often met the Palace garden parties"

Jailed, the royal choirmaster who abused children

'The Queen's former choirmaster was jailed for five years yesterday for a catalogue of sex attacks on children. Jonathan Rees-Williams, 55, carried out the sickening abuse dating back 30 years, in a cathedral organ loft, a church crypt and on public transport as well as at home.'

'The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright...was a persistent paedophile ... Selby Wright was a chaplain to the Queen.'

Douglas Slade 'reportedly cooked for the Queen on the royal yacht Britannia'

'Douglas Slade was founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange ... [He] has been repeatedly arrested for taking nude photos and molesting underage boys in the Philippines.'

Prince Philip

'Another clubbish scene was the Bohemian Grove retreat in California... The rich and powerful sometimes made their way to the nearby town of Guerneville, where 10 bars were enhanced by call girls. According to Manu Kanaki, who operated one such establishment, Northwood Lodge, [Prince] Philip was a visitor and was seen in the company of the [prostitutes].'

'According to "The Franklin Cover-up," by former Congressman John DeCamp, Hunter S. Thompson....was part of elaborate child pornography ring linked to the Bohemian Grove during the 80's. The book describes how Hunter S. Thompson was offered $100,000 to make snuff films during ritualized child sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove.'

Prince Philip's former royal aide accused of three sex attacks on girl aged 12
-- Benjamin Herman, 79, has been charged with three counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault on the child while working at Buckingham Palace

'[Benjamin Herman] later went on to become Princess Anne's private secretary'

[Christopher] Hunnisett had 'paedophile hit list', court told

'[Peter Bick] believed to have been a friend of Prince Philip...Police found Peter Bick, 57, dead in his flat on January 11 2011 after Hunnisett handed himself in at Hastings Police Station, admitting the crime...[Peter Bick] had previously boasted to neighbours that he had driven for the Duke of Edinburgh...'

Prince Charles

Rumors of prince involve sex with a man

'Newspapers from Scotland and Italy to Australia reported the central allegations: that George Smith, a former valet to Prince Charles, says he saw the prince having sex with another male aide, Michael Fawcett; and that Fawcett had raped Smith.'

Inside the paedophile's lair: Chilling pics of bunk beds at [Jimmy] Savile's Highlands cottage raided by police where 'up to 20 suffered abuse'
-- The DJ bought remote home in 1998 and entertained guests including Prince Charles

Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal: 'He Liked Licking Prince Charles' Young Royal Staff'

'A spokesman for the Prince of Wales previously confirmed he & Savile formed a friendship in the late 1970s'

Former Church of England Bishop [Peter Ball] who describes Prince Charles as a 'loyal friend' charged with sex offences dating back to 1977

'He [Sir Laurens van der Post] was a knight of the realm, a friend of both Margaret Thatcher and the Prince of Wales, and a man known to have sexually abused a girl of 14'

"Ex-Petty Officer Stephen Salmon, 66, subjected his victim to a catalogue of abuse in the 1980s - when she was between seven and 12-years old... Salmon...was a bodyguard on the Royal Yacht Brittania for the newlywed Prince and Princess of Wales' honeymoon."

Five witnesses to child sexual abuse at Bryn Estyn reportedly "died in a fire which was said to have been 'arranged' by [Conservative MP] Michael Colvin..."

"He was a friend of the Prince of Wales, but a sharp critic of Princess Diana."

Lord Louis Mountbatten
Why we need a proper investigation into Kincora

'It brought the issue of child sex abuse to members of the wider Royal family. There were allegations about Lord Mountbatten.

'I discovered why Sir Anthony Blunt - once a highly regarded member of the British establishment who looked after the Queen's art collection but who was actually a Russian spy - was a frequent visitor to Northern Ireland'

'Mountbatten was a strong influence in the upbringing of his grand-nephew, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and later as a mentor—"Honorary Grandfather" and "Honorary Grandson", they fondly called each other according to the Jonathan Dimbleby biography of the Prince',_1st_Earl_Mountbatten_of_Burma

'He [Jimmy Savile] was first introduced to the Royal Family, he reveals, by Lord Mountbatten. In 1966, Jimmy became the first civilian to be awarded a Royal Marines’ green beret. Mountbatten was comm¬and¬ant general at the time and realised that Savile could be a useful contact.

"Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something," [Savile] says. "So obviously I hooked up with the Prince – what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him."

The Queen Mother

Buckingham Palace butler [Paul Kidd] 'ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family'
'Bachelor Paul Kidd, 55, groomed at least one of his teenage victims for sex by taking him for tea with the Queen Mother at Clarence House, it has emerged'

Will Backstairs Billy [William Tallon], the Queen Mother's eccentric retainer, spill his royal secrets from the grave?

'...[William Tallon] was the only male to be allowed into [the Queen Mother's] bedroom and he could do so without knocking. He even had an underground passageway and would sometimes smuggle controversial guests in to see her [the Queen Mother] without the knowledge of the rest of the staff.'

a forthcoming TV documentary...will portray [William Tallon] as a ...[sexual] predator

'a picture builds up of a royal household in which some gay men expect to be immune from the processes of the law, their crimes covered up, their victims silenced, or paid off'

Police investigating child rape allegation against ex-Labour peer and Commons speaker Viscount Tonypandy
'A claim that Labour peer Viscount Tonypandy raped a nine-year-old boy is being investigated by detectives.'
'Queen Mother's good friend Lord Tonypandy'

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew KNEW about billionaire friend's abuse of under-age girls [Jeffrey Epstein]

'Virginia Roberts "said she’d been sexually exploited by Epstein’s adult male peers, including royalty"... According to a sworn deposition by Juan Alessi, a former employee at Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, [Prince] Andrew attended naked pool parties and was treated to massages by a harem of adolescent girls...If the F.B.I. decided to file new charges against Epstein, it seemed likely that Prince Andrew would be subpoenaed to testify in the United States...Under the protection of the Queen, Prince Andrew was untouchable."

'Sir Jimmy [Savile] was also a firm favourite with Prince Andrew...'

Why did Prince Andrew visit Gaddafi in Libya with 'shady' Tory?

'Prince Andrew secretly flew to meet Colonel Gaddafi with ‘shady’ former Tory treasurer David ‘Spotty’ Rowland, it was disclosed last night... Buckingham Palace went to extraordinary lengths this week to try to conceal the Libya trip by the Duke and Mr Rowland'

Colonel Gaddafi 'kidnapped and raped hundreds of girls and boys'


Express Exclusive on the dossier of shame that shocked the Home Secretary [Leon Brittan]
'The 16-year-old boy [known as 'Andrew'] who worked at the Palace was claimed by his parents to have been corrupted by members of the Queen's staff in a below-stairs homosexual vice ring.' [Geoffrey Dickens' dossier]

'[Gore Vidal's] half-sister and nephew, who were very close to Vidal, have revealed they strongly suspect he was a globe-trotting paedophile who preyed on underage boys'
'... coterie of celebrity friends such as Princess Margaret

John Phillips and his third wife ...'[befriended] Princess Margaret while vacationing at her holiday home on Mustique'
Scandalous claims of rape and incest made this week by Mackenzie Phillips against her father ... [She] alleged that at 19 she was raped by her musician father and subsequently engaged in a 10-year incestuous yet consensual sexual relationship.'

Stuart Hall hosts Royal Family [Prince Andrew et al] in It's A Knockout
-- Veteran TV star Stuart Hall has today admitted to 14 counts of indecent assault against children as young as nine

Police cover up Savile's claims to be friends with Queen's cousin [Princess Alexandra]

Look Kate Middleton, all the best families have a black sheep
'...[Gary Goldsmith] is a bit of a wild one. Not to put too fine a point on it: a pimp and drug dealer...You and your boyfriend Prince William...have recently stayed at this bordello as his guests.'

[David Tracey] is believed to advise on security for Buckingham Palace
– 48-year-old charged with four counts of making indecent images of children

Richard Langley, a senior aide in Buckingham Palace. Said to have been among those who used Elm Guest House:


Diana saved my life: Elm guest house victim met Princess [Diana] when he was sleeping rough

'The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church.
He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home...The man said: "I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.

"[Princess Diana] kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet."

'My husband is planning "an accident" in my car. Brake failure and serious head injury

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