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Catholic Workers Blockade Northwood Military HQ

Catholic Worker | 29.12.2014 12:30 | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | London

Six Catholic Workers blockaded the main gate of Northwood Military HQ this morning for one hour, marking the day when Christians remember the massacre of the Holy Innocents by King Herod.

Catholic Workers blockade Northwood HQ
Catholic Workers blockade Northwood HQ

Six Catholic Workers blockaded the main gate of Northwood military Headquarters this morning, marking Holy innocents day when Christians remember the innocent children who were massacred by King Herod to protect his power. The protestors were holding placards which said “Love your enemies, don’t kill their children”, among others. The blockaders had red paint on their hands to symbolise our complicity in the deaths of innocent victims of UK wars. Names of those who have died in British wars were read out, and prayers for peace and justice were said. As a result of the blockade, traffic was prevented from entering and leaving, disrupting the operation of the base. The blockade was sustained for an hour. There were no arrests.

Catholic Workers have been organising regular acts of witness at Northwood HQ for thirteen years. The Northwood HQ is a nerve centre for British military operations around the world. As the Permanent Joint Forces HQ it is the command and control centre for army, navy, air force, special forces and Trident nuclear submarines. The base also hosts EU and NATO headquarters.

As a central point in the projection of British military force around the world Northwood HQ continues to victimise the innocent to protect British power and status as Herod’s operatives did in biblical times.

Today’s act of witness followed the Annual Faith and Resistance retreat at the Catholic Worker Farm, at which Catholic Workers and friends reflect on how God is calling us to side with the innocent victims of violence and injustice today.

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Pic of open gate

29.12.2014 14:40

Vehicle gate still partially open shortly after blockade commences
Vehicle gate still partially open shortly after blockade commences



Nice one!

29.12.2014 23:41

Well done for the blockade! Your consistant action against the Northwood base is a nice reminder that there are still some good religious people out there :)


well done

30.12.2014 16:30

Good action :)

(To me, using a random action report as basis to argue over someone's religion seems a bit petty; the important thing is that these people are out there doing actions - it would be great if we all were!)


A little wisdom from the Catholic Worker

31.12.2014 13:37

They And We

1. People say:
"They don't do this,
they don't do that,
they ought to do this,
this ought to do that."

2. Always "They"
and never "I".

3.People should say:
"They are crazy
for doing this
and not doing that
but I don't need
to be crazy
the way they are crazy."

4. The Communitarian Revolution
is basically
a personal revolution.

5. It starts with I
not with They.

6. One I plus one I
makes two I
and two I makes We.

7. "We" is a community
while "they" is a crowd.