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Call-Out For Solidarity Actions For De Vloek!

DeVloek | 08.10.2014 13:08 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

De Vloek (The Curse) is a 12 year-old squatted social centre in the city of The Hague (Holland). The council now plans to evict and demolish it to build a luxury sailing centre. De Vloek has no intention to leave! On the 16th of October the council will decide if the demolition will go ahead. We are therefor launching a call-out for solidarity actions on Monday the 13th of October (think banners, dutch embassies, etc.).

Call-out for international solidarity with social center De Vloek

The city government of The Hague wants to evict social center De Vloek on January 5, 2015 to make room for a sailing center. Located in the harbor of Scheveningen, De Vloek was squatted 12.5 years ago and meanwhile has grown to be an essential social space in the harbor. There is already enough space for sport sailing in the harbor, but De Vloek must nevertheless move aside for the latest prestigious real estate project which nobody is looking forward to.

On Thursday October 16, the city council will make a final decision about whether or not De Vloek must disappear. Because of this, we are calling for an international banner and solidarity action on Monday October 13.

We are calling on everyone to make banners before October 13 and to hang them on your social center, squatters bar, community center or house. We would also like to receive photos so that we can put them on our website, to show that there is broad international support for De Vloek. Photos of banners and actions can be sent to devloekposter[at]

On August 7, the campaign for the preservation of De Vloek commenced with a symbolic squatting action at the Pier. This icon of
Scheveningen, which has already been vacant for a long time was occupied for several hours by supporters of De Vloek, providing for national attention (see With a large and well attended manifestation, we let the rest of the city know about the importance of our space (see:

Social center De Vloek will not go! Stop the demolition!

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