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SWP member and Secretary of Wales UAF attacks student at Fresher's Fair

Long live creeping feminism! Solidarity with all survivors! | 26.09.2014 18:49 | Wales

Trigger warning: contains discussion of rape and links to articles which discuss rape.

Violent thug
Violent thug

At the Cardiff University Students Union Freshers' Fair on Tuesday, September 23rd, inspired by similar anti-misogyny actions by students across the UK, two activists took leaflets to inform students of the organisational rape apology of the Socialist Workers Party, knowing that they would have their stall outside the students union as they do at most freshers' fairs, trying to present themselves as the party for student radicals.

As we began to hand out the leaflets in front of the SWP stall, one of the activists - a student - was approached by a man from the 'Stand up to UKIP' stall, who asked them to leave and became violently aggressive when the student refused, shoving his weight against the student, pushing them towards the road, repeatedly screaming that they were a 'fucking shit' and trying to violently grab the leaflets out of both activists' hands. He continued to escalate the violence - despite the lack of reaction from the activists - and presented himself as the thug he is in front of freshers.

That man was Jeff Hurford, long-term SWP loyalist in South Wales, known divider of campaigns and secretary of Unite Against Fascism Wales - the SWP front organisation with a reputation for failing to confront fascists, having refused to oppose last year's 'White Pride World Wide' rally in Swansea believing that the Nazi Nation Front wouldn't dare show without council permission.

Jeff Hurford is known in activist circles in South Wales and many good people have worked with him in the past, with several having found his divisive attitude dangerous to their campaigns. We know now that he is also a violent thug, willing to use force to silence the voice of the student radicals he seeks to recruit, to silence feminists and their allies who challenge the rape apologism of his party. Activists should take this into consideration when considering how closely to work with him and his 'comrades' who defend him in the future.

We are not surprised that this kind of violence exists amongst the remains of the SWP. After the extent of their misogyny was exposed, the majority of their members left, leaving the most sycophantic and reactionary to prop up the morally-bankrupt Stalinists of the Central Committee. What we witnessed on Tuesday was just a taste of their attitudes towards feminists and their allies. Those who joined have suffered far worse (

Worryingly, while their branches have largely collapsed around the UK, their Cardiff branch seems to have carried on with business as usual, calling into question the moral character of their members in South Wales.
Even more worryingly, the party as a whole seem to be making a slow comeback, possibly believing that people have forgotten about their disgusting behaviour.
We must make sure that people do not forget what those who still lead their cult - such as Alex Callinicos who warned against the 'creeping feminism' in the party at the time and those who asked Martin Smith's 17 year old alleged rape victim if she'd been drinking - are guilty of.

Eventually they called security to try and get rid of the activists, alleging that they had 'caused a scene' after we had been attacked - a tactic well known in SWP circles, with them having previously grassed direct action anti-fascists to the police. We weren't intimidated, calling the SWP out as the actual troublemakers and refusing to be moved on. All this time another member of their party was expressing his disappointment that the activists could do such a thing as hand out leaflets, uttering 'I thought we were comrades'.

We are not comrades with any organisation which covers-up rape, misogyny and violence against gender-oppressed people or whose high-ranking members use such disgraceful tactics as we witnessed. We choose to challenge oppression in all it's forms - whether that comes form outside or within the left.

Fascism seeks to keep the working class silent and obedient; it deserves no platform from which it can spread its poison. Misogyny seeks to keep women silent and obedient; we must make sure it gets no platform in exactly the same way, by whatever means necessary.

Long live creeping feminism! Solidarity with all survivors!


indymedia. this article is slander

07.10.2014 00:36

Jeff Hurford is a committed anti fascist, and long time member of the swp. he is a loyal swp member, and follows the swp line. so what? you may disagree with it, but Jeff is not a misogynist or racist or anything like that. He is not. his crime is only that he is loyal swp and like in most of these parties, the cadre follow the leadership.

regarding the white pride demo, I don't know the details, but the UAF does not follow the tactic of antifa, of looking for a street fight with the fascists. I think this is the root of the disagreement. a disagreement over tactics.

if you want to attack the swp- go ahead, but do it in disciplined way.
if you want to attack smith and the swp leadership - ok
but you have no right to do this cheapo tabloid style job on Jeff.
ie the claim Jeff is a 'violent thug'.
really? he's an old man! are you telling me that some student anarchos were seriously threatened by an old man?

I think that whoever wrote this article should apologize to Jeff Hurford and do a self criticism regarding the ethics of this kind of article.

indymedia and the internet in general is great in the sense of allowing anybody to publish. but in the end, if anyone can attack anyone else anonymously with outrageous self righteous slander, sectarian crap, such as calling the swp a 'cult' etc. i often wonder where indymedia and similar media is going.

ex swappie


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no platform... by whatever means necessary

27.09.2014 18:04

If you have a policy to "no platform... by whatever means necessary" the SWP - treating them like fascists - you should expect them to use the right to self defence.

Sectarian violence only helps perpuates the system, it is not the answer.


over reaction

06.10.2014 23:57

this is BS. sorry but it is.
jeff Hurford may have been wound up by people attacking his party over allegations in a shoddy fashion.
he is not anything else than that.
this way of attacking somebody is very low.

look, there was no case brought againsts Martin Smith. jeff had nothing to do with it anyway.
the swp have suffered for their errors.
isn't it time to let this drop?



07.10.2014 14:41

I am not surprised Syrup, at you, for this!

emma goldman

Absolutely bollocks article

10.10.2014 19:47

The SWP suck, but the single most important thing about the allegation of rape against the SWP organiser in question was that NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS WERE EVER PROVEN

Where do these pillocks get off appointing themselves as judge, jury and executioner..... on the basis of TRIAL BY RUMOUR

Tote bag

How to get activists fighting among themselves

10.10.2014 19:59

Similar allegations were used to demoralise, to divide and to discredit the Occupy camp at St Paul's Cathedral down in London - an accusation of rape was made against an activist who was subsequently found completely innocent, but not before OSLX had been seriously damaged and the victim [of the false accusation] had his life pretty much destroyed


Can't believe these comments!!!

14.10.2014 10:09

"Jeff Hurford is a committed anti fascist" - Jeff cancelled a UAF counterdemo in Swansea because he's mug enough to believe when told the EDL have cancelled. If it hadn't been for ANTIFA and Swansea SP there'd have been no opposition to fascism that day. A few months earlier at a counter demo this "committed anti fascist" had suggested to an incredulous crowd that we MARCH ALONGSIDE EDL and lay wreaths in memory of Lee Rigby (yes you read that right!).

Jeff "follows the swp line. so what? you may disagree with it, but Jeff is not a misogynist or racist or anything like that. He is not. his crime is only that he is loyal swp and like in most of these parties, the cadre follow the leadership." - Have you not been keeping up? An SWP leader raped a young woman who was also his employee. This was covered up and whitewashed by the collective leadership and then EVERY party member who did not have the moral fibre to resign went along with it, ie has colluded in rape culture.

"some student anarchos were seriously threatened by an old man" - Jeff is probably twice the weight of the student he was pushing around - so courageous he is, I doubt he'd have been so aggressive otherwise.

"whoever wrote this article should apologize to Jeff Hurford and do a self criticism" - WTF! you serious? A party thoroughly tainted with defence of a rapist seeks to recruit more young women as if the SWP is a safe space for them and nobody is allowed to point that out?

"look, there was no case brought againsts Martin Smith. jeff had nothing to do with it anyway. the swp have suffered for their errors. isn't it time to let this drop?" - There was no case brought because the woman who was raped did not want to bring a case to the state, but preferred to bring it to the party leadership. Jeff and the remaining SWP members all supported the leadership in condoning what Smith did and thus share their guilt.

"NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS WERE EVER PROVEN Where do these pillocks get off appointing themselves as judge, jury and executioner..... on the basis of TRIAL BY RUMOUR" - Actually, the judge, jury and executioner were in fact the perpetrator's close friends in the SWP leadership as there was no case taken to the state or any other authority, so it's hardly fucking surprising that they were not proven ... except that hundreds of SWP members saw enough of the damning evidence to decide to leave the party.

Cardiff Anarchist
mail e-mail:

The slanders are getting boring now .

14.10.2014 12:30

For your information , Cardiff "anarchist" , Jeff Hurford was not involved in calling off any demo in Swansea . That was the responsibility of Swansea UAF . Why don't you aim your bile at them .
Your enthusiasm for repeating the usual slanders around this sorry business merely betrays your own political prejudices .
As for Smith's guilt or innocence , who appointed YOU "Judge , jury and executioner"?

Cardiff Lefty
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One more thing.

14.10.2014 21:07

The thing about marching with the EDL at the Lee Rigby event is a total lie . I was there.

Cardiff Lefty

SWP - an unprincipled, undemocratic, cult

15.10.2014 18:41

UAF - no explanation was given by UAF on the Swansea debacle. Thus, they are unaccountable. Is not the Secretary of Wales UAF accountable for that organisation and that decision to call off the demo? If not, maybe someone can tell us who is?

Any criticism on the Wales UAF facebook page at the time was removed. Instead of admitting they messed up, they refused to apologise and blocked all criticism, in effect compounding the original error of calling off the counter-demo.

re: Cardiff SU, let's face it, the people who remain in the Leninist cult aren't exactly principled when it comes to the subject of rape, or solidarity with survivors. All the principled people have quit in droves. What remains are a bunch of unprincipled deviants who think they are 'revolutionary' in handing out placards to people who are unaware of their sinister organisation (or Leninist-Bolshevik ideology and its direct hand in the destruction of socialism in the early 20th century)


undisciplined anarchist slander

15.10.2014 23:52

its obvious that the anarchists hate the swp, and are using every underhanded and dirty trick, just like the capitalists, to attack the swp. the swp is not a leninist cult, and some of us stay in the swp because it is still the best thing on the left.

in fact, Jeff was defending himself against attack, not doing the attacking.

jeff hurford is innocent. stop setting yourselves up as judge, jury, executioner.

cardiff swop

One quick point.

16.10.2014 08:23

By the way I believe Jeff retired as secretary of the Wales UAF prior to the events in Swansea . He remains an active member of course and over the years has probably done far more to confront fascism and racism than some of the people commenting here .

Cardiff Lefty