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Scotland will lose life support machines if it votes Yes!

BetterGetItTogether | 14.09.2014 17:37 | Culture | Indymedia | Other Press | London | World

In a shocking announcement, the CEO and President of Getinge Group, which manufactures and sells life support systems to hospitals and hospitals trusts around the globe has announced his company will be forced to cease selling them in Scotland if the Scots vote Yes in their referendum on independence.

President and CEO of Getinge, Johan Malmquist
President and CEO of Getinge, Johan Malmquist

Speaking to Journalists outside Getinge’s offices in London, Johan Malmquist, who has worked for Getinge since 1980, has said that because of tax regulations and auditing controls, those life support systems already in use in Scottish hospitals may have to be patriated to English NHS Trust hospitals and hospitals elsewhere in the E.U. and that Getinge’s hands were tied because ‘of our commitment to the vision of the EEC and the open European market place.’

The CEO did not comment on how or where those patients currently being kept alive on Getinge’s life support systems will go to or which machinery will replace the equiptment now in use.

‘Where those patients go will be down to those taking independent power in Scotland but I can state that we do not wish to cause any alarm or distress to those families with loved ones currently using our machines.’

Simon Stevens, head of the NHS, was unavailable for comment but his office did release a short statement saying that, ‘the unfortunate decision by Getinge to stop selling life support systems to Scotland if it votes for independence is saddening.’

Mr Malmquist later stated that the decision to remove life support systems from Scottish hospitals if the country votes for independence would not be taken due to any pressure from outside groups or individuals.

The controversial comments come as the debate surrounding the Scottish referendum have almost reached fever pitch with both sides, the Yes vote and the Better Together campaigns going neck to neck across Scottish towns and cities in the hope they can snatch votes from each other. Polls are suggesting the Yes vote campaign is going to come out on top and it is that development which has had big businesses worried that their bottom line will suffer if Scots scupper the Union that was established hundreds of years ago and helped to build the British Empire.

Getinge is a leading global medical technology company with operations in the areas of surgery, intensive care, infection control, care ergonomics and wound care. Getinge provides equipment, systems and solutions that aims to contribute to quality enhancements and cost efficiency within healthcare and the life sciences.

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