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15 photos from Edinburgh Mela 2014

Paul O'Hanlon | 31.08.2014 23:39 | Anti-racism | Culture | History | London | World

15 photos from this year's Edinburgh Mela.

Edinburgh Mela August 2014

The 20th Edinburgh Mela took place on Leith Links, Edinburgh from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August 2014.

August has been a rather dreich month in Edinburgh with many very wet days however this year’s Mela was blessed with three days of glorious sunshine.

Edinburgh’s Asian community was well represented with many stalls featuring Saris and Bollywood DVDs.

The word mela is of Indian origin coming via Hindi, from Sanskrit mēlā an assembly, from mil to meet.

The Mela was initially held in Meadowbank Stadium and is now held in the open green space of Leith Links near the foot of Leith Walk in Scotland’s capital.

The 15 photos were taken on the afternoon of Saturday 30th August 2014.

The website for the event is

Here are some photos of the Mela of 2005 which was held in Pilrig Park:


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