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Police action against Bristol Indymedia

UK Indymedia | 28.08.2014 18:27 | Indymedia | Repression | World

Bristol Indymedia reported on 27th August 2014 that:

The Police have physically accessed the Bristol Indymedia server.

Last week we heard from our web hosts that the police had a court order to access the Bristol Indymedia server. We don’t know for sure, but assume that our web hosts have complied with the order and given the police this access.

We consider this server to be compromised, users should assume that from this point on the Police have access to the IP address of anyone accessing this site.

In light of this it is unlikely that open publishing of news items will ever be re-enabled as it would require complete re-installation of the server.

We are going to leave the calendar on for now, but note that it is likely that IP addresses are now being recorded and accessed by the Police.

UK Indymedia


Troll warning

28.08.2014 21:06

Untrue statements have been posted to this newswire claiming to come from "On(sic)of Bristol IMC collective". The false claim is that IP logs were kept for the last 16 months. As the site only launched, with a brand new CMS,on March 21st, 2014, this clearly cannot be true.

An IMC uk Moderator


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