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Leaked docs expose cosy relationships among corporates, Rotarians and frackers

anonymous | 26.08.2014 15:15 | Climate Chaos | Fracking | Policing

Copies of documents apparently leaked from North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce illustrate the role they play in promoting corporate interests and networking among the upper classes.

Documents found in the offices of the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce were recently photographed and the images put online:

Among the papers pictured were:

...leaflets advertising a 'business lunch' with Lord Browne, a corporate bigwig with fingers in many-a-pie, who used to be Chief Exec of BP and is now chairman of Cuadrilla... to talk about "the potential benefits of Shale Gas to Lancashire'.

...a speech promoting the expansion of Heathrow airport.

...letters from the 'Vice Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire' arranging a pro-fracking talk for the local Rotarians, reminscing about his time as High Sheriff of Lancashire dealing with road protests, and musing ('facetiously') about the possible use of hosepipes to drown protesters out of tunnels at Manchester airport... which is particularly apt since he lists his address as 'Gledhill Water Storage':

Of course it probably comes as no surprise that all these corporate and upper-class creeps are on such friendly terms with each other, and that the Chamber of Commerce exists to help them network and push their agenda on the rest of us... but it's nice to have it confirmed.