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t NATO Summit in South Wales

John Frost, No NATO Newport | 25.08.2014 17:26

Week of Action (Saturday 30 August - Friday 5 September)
7 Days to Shake the World
A quick round-up of some just some of the events happening. This is not a full list. Many organisations are organising stuff!

March Assembles 1 pm, outside Civic Centre, Central Newport
Ends with a rally outside Westgate Square with speakers from the global anti-war movement.

Facebook event page for Free Palestine Bloc

Speakers from the global peace movements & sessions and workshops on NATO expansion, the drive to war and military spending; Ukraine and a new cold war; Afghanistan: the endless occupation; Women and War; Move the money: Disarmament for Development; Palestine; Middle East: Oil & Empire; The New Nuclear Arms Race; Militarisation & Science; Singing for Peace

Full timetable here:

The Full Moon, Womanby Street, Cardiff City Centre CF10 1BR, Upstairs - the Moon Club.

5pm - 8pm - snacks, stalls etc.Music from 8pm

Performers include - Stu and Reb from Dirty Revolution (Ska-Punk-Reggae), Lynne Denman - unaccompanied Welsh singing, Salih Hassan (Palestinian Oud Player), Cosmo (Folk-punk), Novacoda (Dance), Flora Mackay (Acoustic), David Ambrose (Storytelling), Neta Hel (Poetry), Think Pretty (Acoustic), DJS - Love & Harmony Sounds, Shahid (Salsa Buena), Dave Grooveslave £5. All funds raised will go to purchase medical supplies and support for children in Gaza via Middle East Children's Alliance. Please see
Facebook event page:

Sessions on combating drones, militarisation of the EU, Iraq: War & Crisis, Nuclear weapon abolition, closing all military bases

Full timetable here:

Dolman Theatre. 11am – 4pm - Sessions on Gaza, Peaceful co-existence, Victims of NATO


All day at the Tredegar Park Peace Camp
Including kite making, anti-facial-recognition-software makeup, placard making, banner making, self-defence workshops, Urban Circle workshops, Singing peace and protest workshop, Fly Kites not Drones, Revolution Rock with Birmingham band Living Field. Open mic throughout the day until 8pm for poets and musicians.


NEWPORT Mass Action and March on the Celtic Manor where world leaders meet to present messages. Gather at 12.00, Cenotaph, Clarence Place

CARDIFF No dinner of death! Protest World Leaders castle banquet to send a message from Wales and the world: Freedom for Palestine. No New Wars Cardiff Stop the War Coalition and Cardiff Trades Council are calling for people to gather Queen Street Cardiff at 6pm (Details may change due to security on this day )

Facebook event page:

A peace camp will be located in Tredegar Park, Newport, from Friday 29th August. Basic facilities will be provided and the camp is recognised by the local council and police. Bring your own tents. The camp is asking for a donation of £2 per night per person.

Facebook event page:

John Frost, No NATO Newport


Stop NATO actions and events

26.08.2014 14:38

Missing from the above are the actions and events organised by Stop NATO Cymru.

More details of those are at:

...but here's a summary:

All week: action camp at Tredegar Park, Newport, with gigs, workshops, skillshares. Full details can be found on the camp website:

Fri 29th Aug: Help set up the camp.
Sat 30th Aug: Radical bloc will join demo against NATO in Newport.
Sun 31st Aug: Day of action against drones, securitisation and policing, including action in Cardiff:
Mon 1st Sep: Day of action against austerity, benefit cuts and evictions.
Tue 2nd Sep: No Borders South Wales day of action, including noise demo at UKBA.
Wed 3rd Sep: Day of skillshares and action training.
Thu 4th Sep: Mass action to disrupt the summit. Further details near the time. Affinity group actions to help disrupt the summit also welcome!
Fri 5th Sep: Affinity group actions against capitalism, the state and NATO; get together with your mates and organise your own action.
Sat 6th Sep: Help pack up the camp.

Samuel Holberry