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Grow Heathrow eviction Resisted Successfuly!!

Steve Pixy | 16.08.2014 15:23 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | London

Eviction Resisted successfully on Friday 16th August.

From the tower I couldn’t see what went on at the main gate, but the whole site was secured by a good number of folk (50 – 100 odd?) and a local 15 year old d-loched herself to the front of the baracaded gate.

Lots of music and fun was had by all!!

There was a lot of press and local support outside the baracades. We’re not sure if any bailiffs turned up,but if they did, they didn’t make themselves known to anybody. Some security guards did show up and went round the back of the site, but they were interested in making sure nothing happened on an ajoining piece of land during any eviction attempt. A few police vehicles passed by throughout the day but from what I could see, didn’t even stop or get involved.

The landlord did turn up to have a look, but didn’t speak to anyone, and quikly went away again after accepting to take some paperwork from the residents.

It seems we must have looked to be to much trouble for him to try evicting!

It still isn’t safe and the bailiffs may turn up any day, so more support is always needed, and there is a phone tree set up for any emergencies,
Go check their website for all the details!

Heres a photo of some of the vegetable plots at Grow Heathrow with people chearing
after speeches by local residents after the failed eviction attempt on Friday!
And also a photo of the beautiffull mural on one of the buildings.

Steve Pixy
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