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Must Christians in the Islamic State Suffer Another Bloodbath?

Internationalist Observer | 11.08.2014 14:46 | Analysis | Iraq | Social Struggles | World

Before arguing: Nothing of this must happen. And of course all it would take to avoid it is nuclear disarmament. If not of the entire world tomorrow, then at least of that geographical region next week. The Islamic State, or Islamic state, to make clear that it is not as much of a name than of an item, after all is merely a response to the shadow of massive destruction which the region has been suffering since the Islamic empire – actually a Christian empire gone Islamic – is over. It is this perpetuated apocalyptic threat which has made the nation states projected and the national borders drawn by the European and American empires obsolete. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they could enter the airspace any time. The Islamic state however produces the second most sustainable and fastest growing challenge against imperialism that is available in this day and age because it does, in the Marxist sense, have nothing to lose except being a target of weapons of massive destruction (see June 26, 2014). As the morbidity of the dying empire has exceeded the threshold of medical attention, the latter once again did fail a significant test: Faced with the essential health facts bare of any accusation, it resorted to suicidal aggression without explicable perspective. All but surprising and in fact earlier predicted as imminent (see Aug 30, 2013) this reaction and the propaganda burst coming with it provide a striking image of the North American psyche: The genocidal apparatchiks are humiliating the status quo artists into smashing the abandoned idealism of the megalomaniac hawks. The Islamic state may be incalculable, but the capitalist empire of suicide suffers more such death than combat killings every day, and its suicide army scares the population into still higher rates.

Seen from Islam, Christianity is a house so quarrelsome that the heir has left it alone. Seen from Christianity, Islam is a house at the whims of a nasty animal, the heirs of which are struggling to survive. It this perception, Judaism is a chill-out hole in between and a balance between excess discord and excess harmony. But with military imperialism involved, the balance is out of order, and rather than complement each other these houses do attack each other. That is the case here and it has not begun with the Islamic state. It has been the case for generations, on an economic background of oil exploitation, and escalating for nearly the last decade since the availability of that resource peaked. Unless it would be assumed to be a Jewish conspiracy, it is Christians who are driving the war. Without the blessings of Christian groups the military-industrial complex that threatens the survival of this planet could not exist.

This problem is expressed in the existence of North American variations of Christianity according to which Jesus would have been a Roman service veteran aiming to inherit that empire, and his followers a military coup which lost its leading icon (see May 12, 2014). These ideas have fuelled the war in the Land of the Two Rivers for decades, be it in form of Saddam or of bombings and occupations. What is happening now is a collective substitution. In defending the land against the imperialist aggression emanating from Christian origins (they define themselves as such), the Islamic state is treating the locals Christians as the culprits. This is understandably irritating, if not to be put in stronger terms, because it is like when the neighbour who needs his sleep complains over the noise volume at the wrong apartment – with that he might just have done to others what he was done to, without solving the problem at its source and with possibly confusing and/or waking up many more. But such as non-state groups in the antiimperialist resistance, the Islamic state is rather doing something within its range of possibilities than entirely missing the target outside thereof.

The result is the occurrence of an actual paradox in the Christian teaching. The Christians in the Islamic state are suffering for the sins of their brethren outside thereof. They are being attacked in place of those who caused the North American aggressions, only because they happen to be in the same building. And it is not even the Islamic state which has lowered the customs of conduct to that, it is only the reciprocation of a tactic which earlier has been employed the other way round (see July 20, 2014). According to the consensus of Christianity, Jesus was persecuted not for his own sins but for these of others, so the Islamic state, when it annexes the land of Christians, is laying proof of truth to what it rejects. If the local Christians are suffering from it then they are doing so in place of the military-industrial abusers in their faith. It is an irony of history that, when their distractions fail, reckonedly these attempt to disguise themselves as rescuers. Such propaganda coups indicate a remarkable amount of instability in the morbid empire, as it switches between contradictory excuses. But on the other hand, they also point at the guilt complex on the side of the perpetrators, since as a by-product of their aggression their obvious intention is to deceive, the rest of the world even more than the recipients.

Yet the Islamic state is an adaptation dilemma as well. Although it can use such substitution tactic, or hit at the wrong room in the house, the only effect is that everyone will be running around. That amplifies the external visibility of the problem, but it cannot solve it. In the best case it is an image of the solution. There also is a chronological irregularity, since before Islam has cleaned its own house of the legacy out of which it developed that force it cannot open itself to others. If religion relates to territory, the conditions within that territory do matter for the content thereof, and Islam currently carries an inheritance that cannot be taken, not even in exchange for the malignant groups in Christianity. It should be noted that the Islamic state does only have chance to survive if it applies its own principles to itself. If the state defines itself as the body of society, for an Islamic state this means that it has to apply its Sharia to itself. If a spy agency, or any other hand of the state, steals from the people, the Islamic state needs to cut off its thievish hand, that is disband the spy gang, return what it stole, punish its agents and exclude any possibility of repetition.

It is the same in the inheritance of any state, whenever such bodies are found to be abusing the people then they must not exist. The natural person does have a right to their own body, because it only has one, but the state is an entity compiled of large numbers of people and according to these proportions strict application of the law of cause and consequence matters a lot. It can only be reiterated that this has been done in Persia but not in Egypt and the difference is obvious. The Christians in the Islamic state might be more scared than endangered, especially as they are beginning to see the problems in the Christian religion, and the difficulties of defeating the capitalist state everywhere at the same time. That is virtually impossible, but nevertheless necessary because the capitalist state has no technical interface how it can be orderly deconstructed, or more precisely it is sabotaging that interface with an effort that alone, even if nothing else was to complain about, would fully justify its total abolition.

So, since a communication solution is not possible, the capitalist state can only be overpowered from its fringes one step at a time and that is what the Islamic state is doing. At the same time, besides the experience how to tame a malignant state as a whole, it is devoid of any image of what comes after the defeat of the capitalist state, and that must be so because any such anticipation would risk to be abused and assimilated. Only when the Islamic state has no worldly goal other than dissecting the capitalist state and returning to natural conditions, it is not vulnerable in that direction and can be successful. But there are all those groups, the now mentioned Christians one of them, that are or have been to the capitalist state like infants and now fear the Islamic state as if they were the capitalist state rather than merely its naive hostages. Other than in the intention to abstain from any image of victory, as it is being grown from the faith, the Islamic state is not that pure, it is at some extent contaminated with the internal problems of Islam such as the nasty legacy of hierarchy, and once the three houses are locked in conflict as described, replacement attacks, in which a reachable target replaces an unreachable one, might take place.

As the capitalist state in Iraq is collapsing, and the military occupation of the North Americans is attempting to hide its emerging panic under the illusion of yet another “war without casualties”, whose record of failure is just too obvious, the biggest challenge is not the confusion of the Christians, who are not aware of the expression of their own prophecy in these events, but the ignorance of the Kurds, who fail to see that the North Americans and their accomplices are not the “honest broker” out of the diplomacy play-book but to an extent determined by their own colonialist legacies that is contagious.

Is it the conscious goal of the Peshmerga to end up as a suicide army that recruits from being the relatively least suicidal element of the society it controls? Or do they imagine they could collaborate with the imperialist on a basis that excludes the spread of that plague when all human experience and current observation indicates that Unitedstates will betray them as well? Is it the unconscious fear that the Islamic state was a kind of capitalist state if the Muslims or would become so if it could no longer grow towards abolition? Or is it an illusion of envy against the Israelis for an alleged amount of influence the North Americans only pretend to them? Is it because of a lack of courage to tame neighbouring Turkey, which keeps hostage the person who could reconcile them with the new antiimperialist hope? Is it foreign agents deceiving them, such as there are foreign troops in Turkey that should not be there?

Despite the lesson of Paris, Apo Öcalan´s children seem to be a convenient prey for imperialist abuse (even more so than in Libya). It is one thing that gifts of allegedly pure intent are being seen in the empire´s long term records of poisoning in such situations, but another that any gesture of rejection or destruction of such risks is a contribution to solve these very problems brought about by the capitalist state which they are trying to distract from. With every GMO package burned, imperialism might end a bit earlier and so the hunger catastrophes it brings about. For every ill-spirited water leaked, another reactor contamination catastrophe may be avoided. The Kurds have been betrayed again and again. In the Islamic state, for the first time they find a larger entity that is not interested in doing so. It is interested in having allies who do not recognise the current regime in the Islamic pilgrimage sites, and care about similar problems in their own houses as well. Hence for these facing any negotiations with it, it is not about destroying themselves, as it would be with the capitalist state, but about being themselves and destroying the moribund empire.

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