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Double Emergency Alert: Ebola Acceleration, Internet Smokescreen

Internationalist Observer | 08.08.2014 17:30 | Analysis | Health | Technology | World

Seemingly unrelated to each other, two current developments make the world appear like a patient from whose bed it seems difficult to walk away. A hygiene catastrophe is likely to become more deadly than war, and unlike in the Fukushima case in this instance out in the open. Second, a tsunami of rumours about internet privacy breaches has stirred up many who otherwise share little else with each other. Each of this shall be discussed and analysed here with the due precision and brevity to provide the essential knowledge to extinguish these catastrophes with their roots. But first it is necessary to understand how the two relate to each other. It is no mere coincidence that such profound threats against the bodily and mental health of huge populations are occurring in concert. The two layers of symptoms are resulting from the same health catastrophe which has affected the world and expresses itself both in neglect and in repression. What now is visible to the bare eye are the side-effects of a disease befalling species like this and its amplification of the conditions of its own existence at the price of the survival of these species. The full image of that disease, how it can be recognised and how it can be prevented, including its name, will be provided in this report.

The more humans are present in one spot, and the longer they stay there, the more important the correct decomposition of their body products becomes to their common health. The quantity a piece of land can absorb without reflecting it is easily exceeded, and once that threshold is crossed practical mistakes that have been established before can no longer be easily corrected. The issue of the correct disposal of body waste requires prospective thinking. But on the other hand this implies that an early decision of small scale can avoid large problems.

Evolutionary, the separation of excrement the human body provides through its organic configuration is a quality of all mammals. It seems that species which did not have this functional distinction did not survive, or more precisely, that the feature was so decisive that one incarnation of it became the bottleneck for a whole new branch in the tree of evolution, whose biggest twig this species aims to be. Hence, the best prevention against faecal infection catastrophe is the species following its own natural way from early on – what the body has separated, the spirit shall never mix.

Earth takes it back into its decomposition cycles each on its own, with separation seats, dry toilets, compost heaps and seep holes, and requires little else than awareness of overdose. The human understanding is that the disease does not only break out when a malignant infection finds fertile ground in a retarded mixture. It does already begin when such mixture is temporarily produced in small quantities that do not yet directly contribute to infection. If only one person mixes their faeces in the same spot it takes a lot of water to wash away that might then be missing for more reasonable purposes.

A society that does such mixture is susceptible to the risk to entirely reshape itself in the image of it, implying that even its most basic structures of everyday organisation are determined by the mania to outmatch any amount of mixture, as it is being produced, with something scarce that has a better purpose. This does not only threaten the water sources, but also lead to such oddities that disinfectant is being used like a sponge on a blackboard rather than like a rubber in a manuscript, wiping out the many harmless micro-organisms whose mere presence blocks the breeding ground for malignant ones, therefore resulting in even more vulnerability and less immunity to malignant infection.

In the worst case, this reshaping can lead to the situation that oppressive regime is stimulating human populations to produce such mixture, in order to abuse the ensuing necessity to outmatch it with other materials for the purpose of their oppression. People who do not know how Nature tells them to protect themselves are easily exploited by authorities. For such societies, fighting an infection is like trying to remove the icing from the cake while preserving the latter. Yet it is not possible to keep all people in conditions contrary to their anatomy all the time, no matter how hard a regime tries. The obvious name of that disease is conservatism.

The “internet leaks” of the last days are not merely an expression of malignant intent, but first of all of centralised vulnerability. Only when such access data, which do not belong anywhere else than behind the respective entrances they ought to open for their owners, are being collected in a central place they can be stolen by seemingly anonymous crackers. Only if a dictator keeps a spare key for every room in the city in his palace, such a number of them can be stolen at once. And only if it is reasonable to assume that there is such a collection, an unfounded rumour of criminal hackers stealing from it can take hold. Hence yet the occurrence of the claim, whatever its accordance with the truth, signifies the existence of oppression: In a free society, such an amount of data could never have been harvested, hackers doing any such harvest for the mere point of risk lecturing would have had achieved their effect with much less effort, while in the current conditions it is already questionable whether the lesson of the blurred line between state spying and organised crime will lead to abolitionist Enlightenment.

The most likely reason why the disinformation was proliferated through a commercial corporation rather than a regime branch is because an Unitedstates “cyber war” allegation against Russia is even less credible than one against China, even more so if the presentation mimics the style of Russian state broadcasts in the English language. Very likely there are no Russians involved (they only are painted as the whipping boy out of the understandable fear and loathing over the renegade asylum issue), very likely the NSA has in fact stolen from more people than anyone else, very likely the data have not yet been proliferated in their original form but the threat is serious (because for these people what they do is “the only game in town”), and equally likely the perpetrators are for the time being more interested in running a rat-cage scenario in which they can see which segments of the public display which responses.

All that is required for the conclusion to rise up that such a kind of leak can only be a false flag arrangement is the awareness that both idealist garage-based hacking and inter-governmental conflict as well as purely commercial cracking would display quite different patters in their efforts and results. The flooding of private data of a population chunk exceeding the size of any real affinity group – such as world religions or nations – or the imminent threat thereof – which might materialise collaterally such as many earlier leaks – on a level of immaterial values is a breach of trust of such a dimension that even if it had occurred independently, without any perpetration by government authorities, it would have to be cited as an incident to reprimand them for their lack of awareness of the scale. Otherwise it is an undeniable sign that the spies are profoundly confused.

So how do these findings connect? In conservatism, as it is to be diagnosed in the regimes involved, the private data of the people concerned are playing the role of the drinking water meant to wash away the toxic and possibly lethal mixture of theft and corruption that is the organised spying the odour of which the conservative regimes smell sticking on themselves. Each of them is dangerous enough to dispose of, but the lesson of it is that at least when it comes to this little existential precaution, the apparatus of a regime is definitely not like the human body, it cannot keep the two separated for proper decomposition, neither out of conscious decision nor of unconscious habit. In the evolution of human society, the whole of it has not yet evolved to the preconfiguration necessary to rise up above this extinction-level risk. Its current structures are like the early mammals with reptilian intestines which therefore do no longer exist. Now as nasty death lures from both behind the toilet curtain and in the possibly most an-organic possessions of humans, the cure has been announced, the disease defined and the confusion defeated.

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