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The Gaza Massacre – Implications and Consequences

Internationalist Observer | 05.08.2014 14:41 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Palestine | World

How many Israelis does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: One. Actually three, one to demolish the house, another one to bomb the power station, and a third one to burn down the school. But with the latest advanced technology the three jobs can be merged into one. Yet even that is not the whole truth, since besides these getting their hands on it there are millions of them wallowing in fear of understanding the concept of (in-)appropriateness, and without this collective immaturity the aggression could not take that much room. Even though Hamas is as little a light bulb as Israel is a ball-bearing, there is a grain of truth in the image. When the big picture of the conflict that became a massacre is being scaled down to human proportions it becomes clear what needs to be changed: In a mixed community, an immigrant restaurant owner massacred his neighbours after some of them began talking to his customers, after he had for quite a while brushed aside their cautious but regular complaints about a low-intensity but stressful whistling noise from the facilities. After the rampage it turns out that the neighbours were right all along and all that was necessary was the replacement of a ball-bearing in the cooling system. Inside the military apparatus of Israel, there has been an element over the point of urgent exchange for quite a while. But now after it has responded to the analysis of its motivations (see Jul 28, 2014) with increased aggression a more drastic cut is to be made.

The first and most obvious consequence of the Gaza massacre is that like the other imperialist states, the imperialist satellite state coming as Israel is to be dismantled in its totality. There is no way of cutting away only the bad branches and leaving the rest of it. Exactly the opposite, the tactic must be reversed and put from its head on its feet, the entire state is to be dismantled, and the good exceptions require leaving plans. Instead of a Nuremberg tribunal that would only pick a few war criminals from the hierarchies, a coming Tel Aviv tribunal will have to find ways for as many innocents as possible to quit Israeli citizenship until the nationality is enriched to 100% collective guilt without any traces of innocence, to serve as another portion of fissile material in the final chain reaction of dead-end imperialism. In their imagination of the enemy, as incorporated by the Palestinians in Gaza and their aim for independence, they perceive themselves and their irritations mirrored such as other imperialist states do in likewise war rhetoric: The Palestinians are not being recognised as a territorial sovereign regardless what they do or do not because the imperialist satellite state Israel cannot imagine itself as such. Hence it cannot be purged, but only liquidated.

The reason why this massacre is different from the many earlier ones and represents a definitive dismissal of the perpetrator state and the historical experiment it stood for is that it is the precursor of a possible genocide. This was already visible in the Cairo massacre a year ago which created the conditions for the Syrian gassings. Although limited in scope, and more of a warning sign what to expect than the work of an actual madman, these side-effects of the Cairo massacre indicate that the same is possible in this instance. A genocide of the Palestinians by the Cairo junta, in order to try to please its imperialist collaborators, is now a realistic threat that did not exist in any of the earlier escalations of this antagonism. Hence the seriousness of the situation is of an entirely different level and the risk of dismantling the malignant apparatuses is completely on the weaker side of the confrontation. Israel behaves so depraved (as in renaming its threats to warnings, etc.) because it is exploiting a situation in which the Palestinians do have even worse enemies standing behind them. Of course the Egyptian military would as well slaughter Netanyahu and his phoney advisers since the destructive forces of imperialism are destructive against themselves as well, but currently the latter seem to be pushing the Palestinians in front of themselves in that row. Which makes the Gaza massacre from a an abomination in itself into an incendiary act at risk of triggering genocide compared to which the Syrian gassings might appear as minor incidents.

The root cause of the Gaza massacre lies in this point: The Syrian chemical disarmament came too early and without proper conditions. This is to be balanced as a major mistake of the Russians, who when faced with the failure of Unitedstates as a global player, rushed to take their place without any meaningful thought of purpose. The chemical disarmament of Syria would only have been a net contribution to peace if it had been balanced by reciprocal disarmament on the other side, in the form of an undelayed termination of the Israeli submarine programs. Although Assad (not Russia, which only exploited it for cheap theatrics like the Americans) began a disarmament initiative, no reciprocal disarmament was requested by others. As a result of the unilateral move, the Palestinians remained vulnerable and the aggressors in Israel were lacking the pressure to think through their ambitions to the obvious destination of them before making unilateral decisions.

The worst implication of it is the Chinese indifference. It already made the appearance of Unitednations of which it is a member as farcical as that of Europeanunion and Unitedstates. The realistic expectation is that Unitednations will only be able to express any meaningful positions on this conflict if Persia can negotiate between the two and Russia. This would be the essential precondition for the success of the doctrine of non-interference: Keeping America out, Eurasia focussed and Israel realistic. If all three are not the case, then the logical consequence of non-interference is quitting Unitednations. But that grabs China at a weak spot, since it is still separated and very likely not capable to quit in its entirety with both parts at once. This, together with the ongoing conflict between the current state and Islamic populations, brings up the question which is the decisive element in China: Is it still formed by the Long March and thereby a natural ally of antiimperialist causes no matter what the propaganda says, or is it itself an imperialist seduced into collaboration by the evil of its own occupation of Tibet?

If what happened in Gaza was happening in Lhasa by the hands of Taiwanese military occupiers China would very likely complain against the interference. But it appears that, although from its own history it should know better, China is plagiarising the propaganda lies of the so-called „West (the Europeans and their bastardised offspring mostly in North America) in order to try to justify its own crimes against Tibetan sovereignty. The problem with such a „propaganda bailout“ in the opposite direction of the economic bailout, and possibly as a price of it, is of course that these false constructs do not lose that particular odour from repackaging them for different situations. When they cannot plausibly be kept up any longer there also is the phenomenon that they decay into absurdity and with them their derivatives. The temptation to plagiarise occupation propaganda is probably the worst element of corruption in the Chinese stance of non-interference, since it is already an interference, though not a rational one – but that has never been the problem with it.

Besides blocking one or another video program that is too far off the mark, the alleged ambition for dewesternisation is so far of no substantial value. This does not mean China ought to interfere. But as the only member of it neutral on the military coup in Ukraine it could have led a paralysed Unitednations Securitcouncil against the further aggression. Now, the „Five Points“ are too little, too late and too lenient. Yes, the blockade must be lifted immediately, but that necessity existed before the massacre and the false tolerance for the blockade enabled it, and the massacred could have been limited or even prevented with the appropriate diplomacy even though there is an illegitimate blockade being imposed. For that purpose, all that would have been necessary is the precedent for similar negotiations under blockade, and that precedent was known to all involved including China from the airspace blockade onwards: The Peru dialogue in Cuba. Of which China should have been aware. Besides the fact that the blockade must be lifted immediately.

The summarised meaning of the Gaza massacre is the entirety of revelations the analysis of the murderous and senseless campaign brings about (if the Israelis had wanted to, they could easily have obtained a balanced death toll without increase on their side, merely by reducing their own escalation). With respect to this, the strategic oddity of the Gaza massacre, centred around the desire to penetrate the population´s feeling of helplessness as inmates of an imperialist vassal state, is how its escalations aim to exploit all sides of much more serious conflicts (in terms of incompatibility of interest). Whether it is Chinese keyboard soldiers shaming their American colleagues or vice versa, the Israelis like to escalate in anyone´s shadow. This is partly due to the proxy nature of the conflict (as described Jun 26, 2014), but to the bigger part due to their own overcompensation of its side-effects. As a result, they arrange themselves as everyone´s enemy and everyone´s friend at the same time, in the best case understood as a sign of spiritual immaturity after the end of the age of Jewish prophets turned out to be a fact even after the territorial return. Lacking the transparency of leadership of its flowering time, the alleged exception from just that has devolved to the level of its European and American accomplices.

Like the real intention of the abuser is simmering through its phoney pretexts, these are always attempting to blame their own guilt upon others in order to continue their colonialist rape. Now in one instance an Israeli aggression presents itself as an appendix to an anti-colonialist advance, and in another one it comes associated with other colonialist aggressions. This is a strategy of self-annihilation because it ignores right and wrong by trying to put itself above that distinction, its pursuers will be treated according to their self-inflicted mistake. It remains crucial though to reconstruct which distortions of perception are the precondition for the self-deception that such a blatant aberration could be victorious in any rational sense. If it achieves its purpose, then only temporary so at the price of permanently alienating anyone who would lead it out if its self-inflicted immaturity. Such a strategy necessarily brings about its own discontinuity once the issue of truth becomes a decisive factor of conflict.

In short, Tel Aviv cannot have it both ways, attempting to associate itself with forces of emancipation and forces of oppression, because such an association and anything resulting from it is itself a means of oppression that is expected to be washed away by the pressure of history once emancipation is successful. In its delusion of exceptionalism it seems to ignore that its own role in the broader conflict of emancipation against the dying empire of capitalism is that of the Pharaoh´s soldiers who chose to follow the Exodus but remain followers of the Pharaoh (and probably badly hit at the last in the trail). A look into the books would reveal that such a „strategy“ is unsustainable and expected to drown in the sea of its own lies. And indeed, as the Washington regime is attempting to entrap African states with a diplomacy surrogate that mirrors its Arab accomplices, at the same time it is stealing from these states through its internet spying and abusing the identity of the Anonymous hacker collective as a cover to pickpocket „useful idiots“ scared of indigenous resistance.

The Egyptian military dictator however is a phoney Pharaoh, and only the result of the failed experiment with representative democracy which turned out to be unsuitable to abolish imperialist legacies. African sovereignty these days has become a treasure too precious to be handled by any regime, incorporated by the continent´s liberation movements as they emancipate from the Babylonian captivity in the surrogate anti imperialism of corrupted regimes to a self-determined and real one that does not resonate any imperialist propaganda lies. The Exodus from imperialist domination that already happened in Iraq is now to happen in Africa as well as the Gaza massacre marks the end of the hegemony of disinformation. There still is disinformation, but with the additional ingredient it is so obviously contradictory and misleading that even those who had depended on it now have to discard it in its entirety. Hence the North American rush to fraud and the Chinese paralysis over the fact that their own business must make a meaningful difference to that in order to be recognised as a serious alternative.

The Gaza massacre is the expression of a big lie incorporated in the failed state of 1948: Of the idea that Jews had to be grateful and loyal to imperialism in exchange for the right of return they had received lately. That is of course an authoritarian delusion. Quite the contrary, if new damage is caused by someone trying to extinguish their own arson no such articulation is appropriate. But by means of the authoritarian affirmation of their victim role, they are seducing themselves and their backers into all kinds of aggression. The canary in the coal mine has become a vulture in the quarry. Historically, the lesson of all this is of course total abolition, of the entire state apparatus that brought about the covert crimes against humanity to which the Gaza massacre is an open addition, of all of them, and beyond any benefit of doubt. Once these waters close, the fate of the aggressive war machine is predictable.

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