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The Biggest Greyhound Awareness Campaign to Date

CAGED North West | 04.08.2014 22:41 | Animal Liberation | Education | Other Press | World

20 Busses carrying the Raced to Death poster around the home to greyhound racing (Manchester) for 4 weeks. The Super side advertisements are the strongest place to advertise on the bus, if you see it take a photo & send it to us.

The CAGED NorthWest Raced to Death Bus campaign
The CAGED NorthWest Raced to Death Bus campaign

The CAGED North West Raced to Death bus campaign is coming to the North West, we have opted to use one of the biggest advertising companies in the UK who will be arranging for 20 super side banners to be carried on buses in & around Manchester for a whole month. The super side banner fonts will be placed on the nearside of the bus, which means more views & maximum awareness for the Greyhounds. The campaign is only possible due to public support. It was your help, support & donations that made this campaign possible. We would love to keep this campaign going for as long as possible so please help us achieve this by sending any size donation using the link below. Thank you for your continued support.

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