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FOI request re Huntingdon Life Sciences: Appeal dismissed.

R. Moorhouse. | 11.07.2014 12:46 | Liverpool | London

Tribunal dismisses appeal in case of freedom of information request re Europe's largest animal-testing lab HLS - read decision.

After a hearing in London on May 12th 2014 the first tier - tribunal of the General Regulatory Chamber has dismissed an appeal in the case of R. Moorhouse v The Information Commissioner - a FOI REQUEST TO OBTAIN THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS:

1. For what purpose has the government facilitated the provision of banking and insurance services to HLS since 2001?

2. Have any pay outs been made to HLS under the terms of the insurance services? If so, what was their monetary value?

The full decision can be found at



The appellant intends to see permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

R. Moorhouse.
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