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Earth First! Summer Gathering 2014, August 28-31st, South West

EF!SG Collective | 09.07.2014 19:50 | Anti-Nuclear | Climate Chaos | Ecology

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is an annual camp for people involved in radical green direct action to come together, to talk, share skills, learn, listen, play, rant, find out whats going on, scheme, live outdoors, hang out, laugh, experience non hierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.

The year the gathering will be in the South West from August 28-31st 2014. The exact location will be announced 2-3 weeks before the camp on and

For more details about the gathering go to

If you would like to run a workshop at the gathering please contact

If you have any questions please contact

Please share with your networks.

In solidarity,
Earth First! Summer Gatherings Collective

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