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Katy Bourne SPCC “SCANDALOUS” Screams the Argus.

Shadow Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner | 14.05.2014 19:35 | Other Press | Policing | Terror War | South Coast

The façade of competence of Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner can no longer be maintained. Even The Argus newspaper has to admit that Sussex Police are ‘SCANDALOUS.’





The façade of competence can no longer be maintained. Even The Argus newspaper has to admit that Sussex Police are ‘SCANDALOUS.’

The failure of Martin Richards, Katy Bourne (her Team) and Giles York is clear to see. Their failure to police Sussex has been exposed and laid bare to the readers of The Argus newspaper.

The Argus sub-headline: The most serious crimes in Sussex are being investigated by unqualified officers because of a ‘critical shortage’ of police.

Read more: Unqualified Officers working in CID.

This is why Surrey Police have been called in to take over, as I reported in Surrey Police rescue Sussex Police.

The Argus has been forced to report the news after a Detective Constable working in Brighton CID contacted The Argus and claimed there was a “critical shortage of police officers across the entire Brighton and Hove division.”

The Argus has been forced to report what I’ve been reporting since I first became involved with Sussex Police during the Police and Crime Commissioner election of 2012.

There is something wrong at the heart of Sussex Police.

The DC said, “It is not uncommon to see my colleagues on the verge of tears because they are under so much pressure and stress and have more work than they can cope with.

This is nothing short of scandalous and not only puts the public at increased risk but the officers themselves.”

Katy Bourne has put the Public at increased Risk of Crime.

I was one of the very few people who got to see the real Katy Bourne, Martin Richards and Giles York up close and personal.

As a prospective candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2012, the democratic process (of which I’m eternally grateful for) entitled me to be present at events, hustings and meetings which mere members of the public were not invited to.

I knew from the off-set and with the files of David Joe Neilson (the main witness in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up), that Sussex Police were rotten to the core and is actively working with criminals to cover-up their own crimes.



Make no mistakes, Katy Bourne will soon resign and resign in disgrace.

“SCANDALOUS’ The Argus screams.

Only two days ago it was clear The Argus was losing patience with Katy Bourne and Sussex Police when they ran the headline:

Vandals trash Lewes community centre located between police HQ and Police and Crime Commissioner's office

They ridiculed Katy Bourne as I have done for the last two years. Katy Bourne refuses to answer the obvious: SUSSEX POLICE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO LIVE.

Mindless vandals caused thousands of pounds of damage to a community centre located between Sussex’s police headquarters and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and got away without being seen.

Read that again to understand the severity of the situation. This is not funny.

Mindless vandals caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a building in the heart of Sussex Police headquarters.

Is the irony lost or is it shouting loud and clear. The symbolism is undeniable. Sussex Police are rotten to the core because crime can be committed at their heart and they still haven’t the ability to apprehend the perpetrators.

They are the Criminals.

Made no mistake in what I am about to say.

Katy Bourne pretends to everyone she is making Sussex safer for everyone, when in fact she’s the biggest criminal in Sussex.

Katy Bourne is the biggest Drug Dealer in Sussex.

Just watch this video where she is formally opening the South East Business Crime Conference in 2013 and boosts what a great industry Security is and how much it generates.

What she doesn’t mention is that the Crime Lord Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc used security firms to run his crime empire, with the full knowledge of Sussex Police.

Read more from the Guardian: King of the slums
Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.

Crime-Lord Mark Slade used dozens of Security firms to run drugs, traffic people, commit fraud, smuggle stolen goods etc etc.

The full extent of Crime-Lord Mark Slade’s crimes may never be known, but the fact that Katy Bourne is aware of the scandal of Mark Slade, the cooperation of Sussex Police with Mark Slade and the continuing cover-up of the Katrina Taylor murder which was committed by members of Mark Slade’s gang confirms that Katy Bourne is the biggest drug dealer in Sussex.

Katy Bourne pretends that Sussex is safer, but as she pointed out during her first year YouTube video, she knows that Sussex will not be safe for everyone.

"I can't promise Sussex will be safe everywhere," she said.

These are just three examples of one day in Sussex, all taken from the Sussex Police website.

13 May 2014
· Woman raped by man in cemetery in Littlehampton
The 44-year-old victim was sitting on a bench in Littlehampton Cemetery, off Horsham Road, when a man attacked her and forced himself on her.

13 May 2014
· Efit of man connected to Hove rape
At around 10.30pm on Tuesday (April 29) the victim, a 51-year-old man, was walking home from a pub on Brunswick Street West when he met a man at the junction with Western Road and Lansdowne Street. They got chatting and they went back to the victim's nearby flat where he was raped.

13 May 2014
· Man glassed outside Brighton railway station
The 31-year-old from Croydon had been out with friends but was walking in Upper Gloucester Road towards Brighton railway station to get a train home when he was attacked by two men at about 9pm on Sunday 4 May.

Read more: Sussex Police news stories.

Within months of Katy Bourne taking office I knew she wasn’t fit for purpose. I even published this picture of her promoting her very first live interaction which the Sussex people which quickly turned into a Face book farce.

I accused Katy Bourne of ensuring paedophiles and Masons are all safer in Sussex. I can now add “RAPISTS & VANDALS” to the sentence.

“Katy Bourne is about as useful as a chocolate teapot,” a member of the public said in The Argus comment box.

“Too many overpaid/over promoted Chiefs and not enough Indians. A common problem in any public sector organisation,” said another.

I predict, that following The Argus “SCANDALOUS” headline and the welcome fact that Detective Constable’s in Sussex Police are whistle-blowing about their conditions of work, Katy Bourne will either resign or be sacked by Home Secretary Theresa May, within 14 days.

Read more: Matt Taylor lays down the Law to Sussex Police.

You should have voted for me; but hey, at least I’m still your Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Read more: Taylor for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Allow me to remind you of my plan for a safer Sussex.


Citizen on Patrol Units (C.O.P) based on US/Canadian models.

Made up of volunteers from the community, they will have the full support of Sussex Police but without the powers of arrest.

I will aim to create 70 units across Sussex, amounting to about 1800 volunteers, devoting 135,000 hours per year.

These police volunteers will be brought together from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Each patrol will be identified by a simple uniform, made up of patrols of two.

Training and equipment will be provided by Sussex police and the £30 criminal record search will be waived for all C.O.P volunteers.

Each volunteer will devote shifts of 2-3 hours once a week. They will be community minded, nice people, positive role models, keeping their families and neighbourhoods safe.

As a Police Chief from America told me, ’That’s a great deal of ”eyes and ears” time that can assist the police to solve problems, as well as freeing their time to work on more serious issues.’


West Sussex – 16
Brighton & Hove – 12
East Sussex - 7

My Citizen’s on Patrol would have numbered:

West Sussex – 600
Brighton & Hove – 600
East Sussex - 600
You should have voted for me.

· A mother wouldn’t have been raped in a cemetery in Littlehampton because citizens would have been on patrol.

· A father wouldn’t have been raped in Kemptown because citizens would have been on patrol.

· And a community centre in-between the offices of Sussex Police and it’s Sussex Commissioner wouldn’t have been vandalized because the police station would have been manned with real police men and women.

As a member of the public commented in response to The Argus "Scandalous" headline.

“This does not surprise me, I also think the 13% drop in crime is fiddled figures just to justify police cuts. I think crime has NOT gone down its just that we have fewer police on duty especially after dark to record any. In Hove we used to often see a police car at night which gave a sense of security but now with the police station closed down and only part time in council offices we are on our own. The public cant easily report crime as the part time police station is closed at night in hove, plus as I found when reported a crime on the police online form you get a email saying they have received the report then that's it you hear no more. Luckily the nightlife now provides its own private security backup for door-staff in effect our police are partially privatized. Its pointless reporting anything that's not serious to our police they simply don't have to numbers to respond.”

Watch the Youtube Video, its cool!

Katy Bourne responds to The Argus ‘SCANDALOUS’ headline with, “Should I find any evidence that officer and staff resilience is affecting police performance I will hold the Chief Constable to account for this on behalf of Sussex residents.”


Katy Bourne has done nothing on behalf of Sussex residents, but everything on behalf of Sussex criminals, paedophiles, rapists and vandals.



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