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Reoccupation of the Hambach Forest in Germany

Hambacher Forest | 26.04.2014 17:43 | Ecology | World

Struggle against megalomaniac energy provider RWE and the biggest human-made hole of europe.

Since April 2012, activists in Germany have occupied the Hambach forest to prevent the expansion of Europe’s largest open-cast coal mine. The mine expansion project would mean the clearcutting of the forest and the eviction of thousands of local residents. On March 27, 2014, the forest occupation was evicted by police and today, on April 26, 2014 a new occupation arose. There are platforms and walkways up in the trees and a big demonstration is taking place close by. After a couple of days of strong repressions and the constant attempt by the „authorities“ to criminalize the sruggle the reoccupation is successful. For more information and a current ticker visit our English blog (

A recent interview with an activist can be found via the following link:


Hambacher Forest
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