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The External Cost of Spying

Internationalist Observer | 28.03.2014 14:35 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | World

Not only is the spying perpetrated by the failing nation states of the so-called "West" and their accomplices the worst crime in Earth history, a collective suicide of all its perpetrators and a monstrous waste of indispensable resources and possibilities, it also is a stain on the record of the planetary biogenesis as the following will elaborate. Even if no external observer is systematically paying attention, and even when that attention is not penetrative but respectful to all limits of internal affairs, the diagnosis whether a technologically significant biogenesis is plagued by this pest can reliably be made from its intentionally visible emissions alone. Since the external attention is unknown by definition, it cannot be appeased by any propaganda, and the full integrity of the scientific method is assured. This analysis shows what an external perception of Earthly life would have to expect as the result of spying, and what these findings were to result in for its decisions about its handling of our planet.

Of course the problem is highly theoretical with even less empiric case experience than in climate science, and the amount of data to be relied upon for comparison is shrunk from very little to absolutely zero. But on the other hand, the problem of spying is pressingly practical and there is no intelligent life in it that could completely cease it as soon as it becomes undeniable that it is entirely built upon lies. Hence the attention to the possibility of external intelligent life, that would not be justified otherwise due to its lack of appearance, is justified on a probabilistic basis since the cosmic emptiness is indeed more likely to carry within itself such a thing than the toxic legacy on Earth.

Therein, the spying is only the worst problem, and accompanied by many more that are to become visible with all their drastic consequences once it is understood what is the worst practical obstacle to their possible solutions. But the double assumption, that there were external observers and that they were plagued by spying like this species cannot be sustained, because that would have resulted in a similar scenario of signal emissions which would then have falsified the perception of cosmic silence. Or in the reverse conclusion, the cosmic silence signifies that if there are any external observers, then they are not spying. For if they were that would be accompanied by a number of other misbehaviours whose patterns could be openly perceived. So merely by the logic of the situation, and the empiric fact of zero perception, the question whether there was external spying against Earth can be shrunk down to the much more simple one whether there are external observers of whom it is known that they are not spying. And that variability is already small enough not to matter in a number of big questions which then can be answered independently from it.

The profile of a living planet plagued by spying would be expected to be determined by several characteristic patterns: There would be hierarchies of a size that can only be somehow sustained for a few instances thereof and at the extent of more significant purposes. There would be a synchronicity of empty transparent communication revolving around these entities. There would be an unclear future as the spying does not meet agreement. There would be observable blowback effects within the deception, and unexpectedly short-lived patches of the many bias-induced errors resulting from the incompleteness of the spying that it accepts as the price of its own imbecile deniability – chain reactions of errors whose alleged fixes cause ever more errors and so on until the resources of the reaction die down, resulting from the same clue- and carelessness that bears the intention of deceptive cover-up in the first place. All these transparent communications would more or less indirectly be referencing the intention of cover-up. This could for example take place through a negative dialectics, where namespaces are being forcefully taken for the only purpose of taking, and then in their meaninglessness reflect the intentions of these takers.

Any interaction of a spying-befallen planet with the rest of the Universe would itself be an instrument of painting over the inconsistencies in its internal affairs. In the worst case, even a space vehicle might use a name or other pattern of perception taken from the bookshelf or other resources of research of an opponent. Such a planet, although displaying technological effort, would have to be put into the category of barbarian crowds for whom such mental appropriation is the necessary precursor of cannibalism. Spying, in the form that is currently to be found in large scale on Earth, is the technological equivalent of the organised terror that preceded the small scale cannibalism of the pre-technological fragmentation of its most influential species.

Its technological return, that is the undeniable implication, is a risk so grave to raise suspicions against anyone in contact with it that it would have to be perceived as a threat by intelligent life. If the matter of fact is defined as a proof of absence of intelligent life, because if there was it would already have ended the spying against itself, and in reverse conclusion if it has not or not yet then it could not be assumed to be cosmologically equal, then the perspective of cannibalism unfolding in the spying in combination with its technological scale would be expected to be the definitive non-interaction criterion for external observers who have transcended that condition - and if they had not their interference would be noticed much earlier.

Yet the scenario that Earth was externally spied against can be excluded from current observations, at least as much as their own independence can reach, because that would cause visible emissions both on the signal level of whatever apparatus was algorithmically similar to the spying destroying this planet as well as directly from its material operation which cannot be sustained without a chain reaction of waste of resources and deception. The cosmic aberration could be easily spotted due to its systemic inefficiency and distortions. That this is not the case can either imply the absence of an external observer or its unaffectedness.

When spying is understood as a disease that might befall any potentially intelligent species regardless of biogenesis, like the early stages of small scale cannibalism appeared anywhere on Earth regardless of cultural definitions, and by the technological factor only was lifted to a more dangerous level where it would immediately appear at a large scale, rather than abolished, then the dilemma of the external observer becomes visible. It is being assumed that an external observer does not intend to hurt a planet but heal it, yet since there is no universally prescribed procedure that would always be able to achieve its end without any side effects, there is no universal recipe other than non-interference. Ultimately this dilemma reflects the situation of the Earthly opponent who intends to end the spying to avoid getting devoured by it.

The internal cost of spying are the limitations a species puts upon itself by means of that crime, such as the lack of computing capacity for the production of decision-quality models of the planetary climate that is caused by the computing cost of spying and causing damage through unresolved climate disruptions which could easily have been avoided. The list can be extended from the austerity scams that out of themselves provide a glimpse of cannibalism, over the general lack of creativity and innovation that comes over populations who cannot freely develop ideas and cease trying due to the risk to lose their results, to the direct damage to human health due to its detrimental effects on the human soul, as well as the material cost of the crime and the recruitment of suicidal idiots to perpetrate it, and still would not yet be complete. But all these are calculations that take place on the planet.

Once a planet befallen by spying grabs for space, the spying does as well produce external cost in terms of the damaged original trust of any potential contact. The Universe is old enough to have either undeniably been entirely devoured by spying, or recognised it as what it is, and it were not the uniqueness of the situation on Earth would be commanding its abolition not only out of responsibility for ourselves but for the entire cosmos as well. Yet even if it is, the necessity is the same and so is its justification. As long as no external being is capable to save this species, the old song of breakthrough of Earth´s inner force remains fully valid and whenever there is any such being it can only save this species and its biogenesis from the consequences of our errors not from their causes. If there was any external use for the radiological material for which there is no place in the Solar system, it could be taken away, but if the large scale population of the present were to display its reliance upon such service like some of the small scale populations did in the fragmentation, it would be yet another attempt to cure mistakes with much worse mistakes.

It is precisely this flawed tactics of cover-up that is for spying like the heart is in an human being, if such a comparison can be made at all, which is the cause of the chain reactions of mistakes and inept fixes all of which could have been entirely avoided had only the spying been abstained from. Everything the spying has brought about could have been had easier by seeking consensus on the ground of unity of words and deeds, but instead they are committing this crime not only against targets or against humanity, but against any plausible expectation of external perception of it as well. It is an avoidable aberration that is represented in its occurrence. This is why it is unreasonable to assume an evolution or incremental enhancement of the spying could ever lead to it becoming compatible with human life. Whenever there is any appearance of such enhancement it is only there as the price of something much worse. It should be reiterated: The historical destination of the spying is already transparent on the background of planetary history, it is the precursor of cannibalism and expresses the observation that living beings gravitating towards unity of body and soul are going to devour or be devoured as either, once such regression takes place.

So it remains to be concluded: If anyone external was spying against Earth, we would notice. If anyone external was taking an innocent look, they would notice. It is possible to assume that this has already happened. In any case, the plague of spying has made the planet a cosmic pariah which would not be approached until it has died down. Spying is not a form of intelligent life, but the result of a failure to become one, and must be entirely ended at any internal cost. Not only does it make too many mistakes, more big ones than small ones and countless redundant ones and cascades into ever more from its flawed attempts to fix them with worse replacements, but it is itself the terminal mistake that precedes the self-extinction of species failing to reconcile themselves with their own biogenesis.

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