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From Here On In #4 out now!

From Here On In | 24.03.2014 18:58

Announcing the release of From Here On In number 4: Bristol's local(ish) anarchist publication of analysis and action

In the March 2014 edition of From Here On In you'll find, amongst other things:

Bristol's Green(wash) Capital(ism) - A look into the why we shouldn't be celebrating the European Green Capital 2015 award

Neo-Liberalism and Prisons - One of John Bowden's most recent analyses of the brutal British Prison System

Bristol's Fool's Gold - 'A Local Rant for Local People' on the futile reformism of liberal practices such as the Bristol Pound

Communique - claim of one of the FAI's most recent attacks against the infrastructure of Capital. In this case, the bombing of the offices of Vinci, one of the world's largest construction companies

Read, print and distribute as you wish, but you'll also find it dotted around the bars, cafes and social spaces of Bristol and beyond.

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  1. Vinci — Go ahead, shoot the messenger