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Climate Dark Age

Alex Smith | 18.03.2014 16:12 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Dr. Michael Jennings says Earth's climate is already beyond the worst scenarios. Could a new Dark Age save us? Dr. Sing C. Chew says we are due. Edutainment for troubled times. Radio Ecoshock

The bad news is planet Earth is already committed to very dangerous climate change. Dr. Michael Jennings published a paper in 2012 showing we are already in the worst case scenario. We'll talk with Dr. Jennings, from the University of Idaho.

We may be saved from utter disaster if an economic collapse comes sooner rather than later. Dr. Sing C. Chew will give us the good news about Dark Ages, and the signs we are entering one now.

Dr. Chew is a Professor of Sociology at Humboldt State University in California and a Senior Research Scientist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. He's the author of a trilogy on nature, climate, and what we learn from past Dark Ages.

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