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Support vigils at HMP Wandsworth for jailed war resister Fr Martin Newell

Posted by dv | 18.03.2014 09:29 | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | Terror War | London | World

Via London Catholic Worker:

Fr Martin Newell is currently serving a 28 day prison sentence in HMP Wandsworth for non-payment of fines resulting from acts of peaceful protest.

(See: )

Members of the London Catholic Worker are organising vigils outside Wandsworth prison at the following times:

Tuesday 18th March at 2pm
Saturday 22nd March at 1pm

Fr Martin being arrested after daubing message in ash on Ministry of Defence
Fr Martin being arrested after daubing message in ash on Ministry of Defence

The emphasis of the vigils will be opposition to the Trident nuclear weapons system, since that is what Martin was protesting against when he was arrested on Friday. We will be standing outside the main entrance.

The address is:

HMP Wandsworth
17 Heathfield Road,
London SW18 3HS.

The nearest station is Clapham Junction, then take bus 77 or 219 from outside Debenhams. It is also near Earlsfield and Wandsworth Common stations

If you are not able to come to a vigil do please send a letter or card to Martin with a message of support:

Martin Newell
HMP Wandsworth
PO Box 757
Heathfield Road
London SW18 3HS

London Catholic Worker
49 Mattison Road
London N4 1BG
tel: 020 8 348 8212

London Catholic Worker website:

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Everyone should paint anti-war graffiti on the MOD building!

19.03.2014 10:14

In order to show solidarity everyone should now go and paint anti-war graffiti on the ministry of defence building! Slogans that could be painted could be; "we don't want your fucking war". And "war what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"

Anti-war slogan painter

Vigil to continue until at least 4pm.

21.03.2014 12:19

(additional information via London Catholic Worker)

mail e-mail: vd2012-imc [at]