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London event highlighting plight of Afghan women.

GS | 10.03.2014 12:45 | Afghanistan | Gender

Afghan Women in 2014, INFO night.
18 March

An evening in support of the Organisation Promoting Afghan Womens Capabilities (OPAWC) one of Afghanistan's longest active and radical women's groups. Food will be provided.


Ewa Jasiewicz has recently returned from Kabul and will share what she has seen of life for Afghan women 12 years on from the overthrow of the Taliban by NATO.

Guy Smallman has been working with OPAWC since 2010 and will do a slideshow presentation of OPAWC's projects in Kabul and Farah province.

Facebook event:

This event will also lay the foundation for setting up and OPAWC support group in London to compliment the work already being done by activists from Child Victims of War in Bristol.

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surely some mistake

11.03.2014 13:53

NATO has overthrown the Taliban in Afghanistan? Well that's certainly news to me!



12.03.2014 15:41

They overthrew the Taliban government.