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American Fukushima

Alex Smith | 09.03.2014 18:13 | Anti-Nuclear | Climate Chaos | Ecology

On 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, two authors report American reactors are unsafe at any speed. Shocking risk. Plus audio from March 2 XL Pipeline dissent protest in D.C. & letter from youth. Radio Ecoshock 140312

Yes, despite a punishing cold winter, thousands of Americans showed up at the White House to fight off the Keystone XL pipeline. They were mostly young, protecting their future against climate change driven by the Tar Sands, the dirtiest fuel on Earth. I'll take you there, with on-site audio and the letter the Boston Globe wouldn't publish.

But first, on the third anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in the world, I'll talk with the authors of "Fukushima, The Story of a Nuclear Disaster".

As you'll hear, America is just waiting for it's own nuclear mega-disaster. Despite promises after March 2011, the U.S. industry is still stalling on safety-critical fixes to aging reactors. It's just a matter of time.

I interview a 17 year veteran of the American nuclear industry, expert David Lochbaum from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Then it's co-author Susan Stranahan, lead reporter on the team that won a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on the Three Mile Island reactor melt-down in 1979. She's still on the case, because they still aren't safe.

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