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The Weather Underground - Documentary Showing, London

anon | 03.03.2014 19:31 | History | Social Struggles | London

"Freaks are revolutionaries and revolutionaries are freaks. If you want to find us, this is where we are. In every tribe, commune, dormitory, farmhouse, barracks and townhouse where kids are making love, smoking dope and loading guns—fugitives from Amerikan justice are free to go."

Street Drinkers Hangout presents:

Documentary showing of 'The Weather Underground.'

Film about the armed revolutionaries who in the 70's brought the Vietnam War home to the U.S. government and its lackeys of capitalism.


Saturday 8th March

7pm Vegan Peoples Kitchen
9pm Documentary Sreening

Situated on Holloway, London

For exact location call or text to: 07583640282