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Hereford Heckler #23 now out...

Hereford Heckler | 28.02.2014 14:07 | History | Other Press | Public sector cuts

Issue 23 of the Hereford Heckler has hit the streets!

Now entering our seventh year and still going strong, and as ever we’re kind to the good and cruel to the evil.

In this issue we feature:

• Councillors buy themselves iPads, iMacs with your money – Our exclusive investigation into the ICT and consumables allowance, including ‘Council leader blags two computers in less than two years‘ and ‘Who ate all the egg mayos? You f… Phil ate all the egg mayos‘.

• Water water everywhere – What action is needed over flooding?

• Oppose the EDL in Worcester – The far-right group plan to march next month

• Radical change needed in green movements – Where now for Hereford’s environmentalists after the Edgar Street trees row?

• 1914: Teachers strike for better pay – A look at the Herefordshire walkout and the pupils’ solidarity strike

• Hereford should be added to the national ‘Crap Towns’ list – The city’s 10 worst municipal horrors

• What is anarchism? – The first in our new ‘What anarchists think’ series

• Everything you ever wanted to know about Bruegel – A look at the Borderlines Film Festival

• Artist review: Megan Bradley – An up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Malvern

• What’s on – Hereford Live’s guide to music around the county

• Long live the Bulls – Hereford United fans show how involvement off the pitch has kept their club afloat

• Horror Bulls victorious in opening bout – A roller derby review

• A good year ahead for local runners – Get involved in the Herefordshire Running Festival.

All of this in Hereford’s favourite muck-spreading news-digger.

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