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factory farming poster

mista pixy ;) | 25.02.2014 19:26 | Guantánamo | Animal Liberation | Ecology

downloadable poster or tshirt design, good 2 wear in the meat isle at your local stupor market.

im so discusted that people still buy these torture products, they really need a bit of reality shoved into their selfish faces!

mista pixy ;)


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Parental Advisory: Don´t show this to kids

26.02.2014 10:59

Vegans who can make a convincing case without forced nudity are clearly better off than infantile scaremongers. It is more sustainable to retain the insight into the ugly manners of the business for these who articulate an active interest in researching what´s behind the stink. Here is a teaching example how it is done correctly without displaying the same unreflected pattern:

- Homepage: