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Soon to be banned: Utah, U.S.A. voter list

Tom Alciere | 23.02.2014 16:20

True data lawfully obtained from a public record, the Utah, U.S.A. voter list. Because of bills advancing in the Utah legislature to ban some of this information, I am posting it here. There is no copyright or other restriction on it.

I acquired this information as a public record, which the state employee was required under the state laws of Utah to provide to me, under penalty of class B misdemeanor. Now, some members of the Utah Legislature are trying to reclassify this as a "private" record, after there have been thousands of downloads. I built a website searchable by name, address or birth date at UTVOTERS.COM. Challenging the changed statute could make for a fascinating legal case but I have better things to do than engage in fascinating legal cases before Utah judges whose home addresses I have displayed on the website. Please copy this file: and post it on your own website, asking your visitors to do the same. Splattering it heavy and thick all over the internet can stop the book-burners.

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